Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"My test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter."

Who knew that's how I would feel about The Hunger Games? Certainly not me. I bought it reluctantly for my school library, after hearing all sorts of talk about it and thinking to myself "I guess I'd really better get a copy." I knew it was popular with the teenagers, that it was a critically aclaimed New York Times' bestseller, and {here's the bit that didn't appeal to me} that it took place in a futuristic and totalitarian society that was once North America. Umm, yeah, no thanks. That sort of genre is really not my thing. Oh, I like science fiction well enough {you know how I feel about LOST and Dr Who!}, but "the future is bleak" books like 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale really turn me off. But all that aside, I made the decision to buy the book and, like I usually do, to read it before putting it into circulation. And I'm so glad I did.

It was amazing! I took it with me to the gym one Friday night, climbed on the elliptical, and started reading while I worked out. Next thing I knew, the gym was closing, I'd burned 600 calories, and I was well into one amazing novel that had made me gasp out loud and cry in the first 100 pages.

The Hunger Games takes place in the distant future, in the country of Panem, on the ruins of what was once North America. Panem is divided into 12 districts, each one poorer and hungrier than the last. In the centre of Panem lies the glittering Capitol, where food and money are abundant, and where the rules are written. Each year, the Capitol holds something called The Hunger Games. Each district must send two tributes, children between the ages of 12 and 18, to participate. They are all put into an arena and must fight to the death. Only one tribute can win the games and emerge from the arena alive. This year, Katniss Everdeen is one of those tributes. And the games will never, ever be the same.

Read it. It's crazy good. Dark and disturbing and powerful. The sequels are pretty awesome too {though I must confess to loving the first book the best}. And you don't have to be a teenager to think so. Believe me. I haven't been a teen in a very long time...

More reviews tomorrow. Right now I'm making crepe batter. Apparently it's Pancake Day in France. So I'm living vicariously through Em, and making us a delicious dinner of crepes and salad {you know, to create a healthy balance!} Delicieux...


  1. I am exactly the same way! I hated 1984 and other books that were all gloom-and-doom futuristic stories. No thanks! But knowing that you enjoyed this book means that I definitely will too!

  2. We have this in common...I always fight reading the books that everyone is raving about. Until they've all stopped raving for a while, and then I'm hooked.

  3. I'm so glad you read this book! I'm not much of a futuristic person (good or bleak) but the book isn't really set like that is it? Love, love, love Peeta. The first was my favorite but Mockingjay kept me thinking for a long time after I put it down! Glad you enjoyed the read!

  4. hmmm...interesting. i might have to give it a go. we read 1984 in high school....and i still think about it from time to time...and not fondly. i'm excited about these reviews....i can never decide what i should read. i feel like what a waste of time if i didn't like a book and therefore i don't read as much as i should....
    enjoy your evening!

  5. Alli- I loved Peeta too. He was just so brave and so, so lovely...

    Can't stop thinking about Mockingjay either.

  6. I have loved this book (and the series) since they pretty much first come out. I'm glad I read it and loved it before the hype. I think that's why I wanted to read the story i the first place. I thought it was interesting.

    I read 1984 after the series and I didn't like it so much. I couldn't stop thinking about Hunger Games when I firs read it and the same with each book after. Mockingjay I was obsessed with thinking about for weeks after (I couldn't read another book until it was off my mind). x

    P.S. I love Peeta!

  7. I am SO glad you liked it! I myself wasn't excited about the setting but I heard so many good things that I couldn't help myself.

    If you like this series you should also check out Uglies.

  8. thanks for the awesome review! this is our book choice for book club this month and i have yet to start it! now i'm super-excited to!

  9. the entire triology is excellent. i devoured catching fire and mockingjay in england and on the plane ride home i found myself thinking of katniss and missing her somehow.


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