Saturday, February 12, 2011


... this stationery from Left & Write

The world map notecards come with little dots to stick on and show where you are. How cool is that? I'd send one to Em, but I don't have to! She is here {well, she's in Vancouver, so pretty darn close} and will be on the island tomorrow. Yay! Bring on the girl time!

Anyway, since Em doesn't need one of these cards at the moment,  I'd send them out to all of you instead. Because seriously... wouldn't a blogger meet-up be so much fun?


  1. SOOO MUCH FUN!!! loving those stationaries ;) perfect!


  2. wow, these are so great!!! i love them. perfect for those times when you can't meet up. but i'm so happy for you that you don't need them this weekend! have the best time ever with em!

  3. A blogger meet up would be so much fun. Wouldn't it be neat to have this your whole giant network of blog friends in the same place to mingle and get to know one another? How fun!

  4. I thought of you when I saw these and knew you would love them. I see so much stationery I wish I could get you!

  5. What cute cards! I love them! Excited for you to reunite with your best friend and can't wait to hear about your adventures (and vicariously appreciate your V-day pedicure--I will be teaching at the high school all day and the prison all night, ay!)

    p.s. my word validation word is "porker" ha

  6. These are so cute, a meet-up would be perfection!

  7. I am a complete stationary freak. I have boxes of cards, notecards paper etc, just for that moment when i think 'oooo i need to drop her a wee note!' Love it! x

  8. charming little cards. so happy you got to spend time with em...i bet you had a wonderful weekend, not skipping a beat and picking up exactly where you left off...friends are a wonderful & precious gift!

  9. ....oh yes! a blogger meet-up would seriously be so fun...count me in! you know how i love the island xx


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