Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What New Year's Day looked like

We're five days into the new year already, and it's pouring with rain. But I refuse to take this as a sign of things to come. Here's what our part of the world looked like on January 1st.

Bright and clear. The sun shone and everything sparkled. That's the kind of year it's going to be! {and the weather report is for more sunshine this weekend, so take that, dreary westcoast January!}

It's Twelfth Night, so I'm taking down the last of the Christmas decorations today. But snowmen get to stay up. And maybe a snowflake or two... They're wintry, so it's okay. ;~)

What are you up to this morning? Anything exciting?


  1. It is pouring with rain here too, even though there are forecasts of snow and snow has fallen in parts of England today. That might be one of my birthday wishes too!

    I love the way frost gives everything that sparkle and crispness - isn't it just so pretty?

  2. Happy new year Erin! Hope you and your family had a good one!

    You've got to keep the snowman up, definitely! And snowflakes are allowed because they aren't christmassy!!


  3. brrr! it looks cold there! definitely the kind of weather where you can leave some snowflakes on your windows. :) i'm loving the sunshine we've been getting lately, and even though it's january, i'm hoping things will warm up soon. i mean, it's sunny southern california after all!

  4. I like leaving some winter decorations up. It's probably getting to be about that time to take down Christmas decorations but it'll be winter for quite a few months more.

  5. I had no idea it was the Twelfth Night of Christmas! I need to read up more on this tradition. Today, I'm at school all day doing school things. I'd rather be sitting on a beach in the sun, reading a good book, but I'll take what I can get.


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