Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday {favourite three this week}

Now that I've got a shiny new laptop to play with, I've been tumbling like crazy. Here are three of my favourite photos from J'adore this week... Take a look at my archives and see if you'd choose the same three!

This kitchen feels like summertime to me. That window, that sink, the flowers on the counter... sigh...
Teacup lights! What's not to love?
I love the lighting in this photo. So bright and sunny and so not at all wintry! And the map in the window of the french door is brilliant, isn't it?  What a fabulous idea...

Okay, that took me forever. Choosing just three is hard, and I am the world's least decisive person. I changed my mind about twenty times! How about you? Could you choose just three?

I'm off to Book Club tonight, in a blizzard. Good thing it's close by this month, because I don't fancy ending up in a ditch in a snowstorm! I get to present the two choices for our next book tonight. I'm excited about both, and curious to see what the girls pick...
E xo

PS:  I'm just getting used to Blogger's new{ish} post editor. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't... Please bear with me as I figure it out.


  1. So glad for your shiny new laptop because Ijust looooove the results of your tumbling! All three of your favourite photos just scream you! And all three so beautiful. I def want some teacup lights and a map in my door window too! :) Stay warm on your way to Book Club! I can't wait to hear what book the girls choose out of the two you presented :) How fun!

  2. oh these i love!!!

    i need to use your tumblr more often because you have the most magical warm and dreamiest taste in photos! I LOVE the "home sweet home." I'm going to have to use that one!

    i love the socked feet by the fireplace.. it makes me miss my sisters and girlfriends even more!

    and the syrupy pancakes are making my stomach hungry! LOL

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    hope you had fun at book club and stayed warm in said blizzard. it's freezing in the mountains here but thank God no snow! i hate to drive in it for sure. do tell what book was picked! :)

    ps. the teacup lights-- SO YOU!!


  3. Yay for a new laptop! I love my Mac :)

    I love those pictures. The tealight lights and the maps. Wow they are such lovely touches.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and all your thoughts and prayers! x

  4. P.S. I mean teacup lights not tealight..

  5. loving those teacup lights and thankful that you put you them on your blog!

    happy bookclubbing!

  6. I love the teacup lights but I also like some of the pictures with books. My top favorite may be this one because I love the lighting/colors and I would just want to live there one day!

  7. those are such pretty pictures!!! i've actually seen teacup lights in real life (can't remember where now...) and they made the room so whimsical.

  8. You definitely need those teacup lights. Did I ever tell you how I saw the cutest teacup bird-feeders at a market in Portland last summer?

  9. I'm always so envious of the creative people who turn teacups into lights and put maps on glass doors. If I put my mind to it I might be creative too, I just don't take the time to find out :) I love that sink in the first picture!

  10. those photos are all great!

    hope you made it to bookclub in one piece!

  11. I couldn't pick three! Hence my mile long post this week.

    After seeing your FB I gather book club journey wasn't easy so hope the roads are becoming a little safer and you are ok.

    Must remember to tell me which book choice of yours they went with too, we haven't talked book recommendations for ages.

  12. hooray for tumblr tuesday! i am so in starting tomorrow!!


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