Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolution 1/52

So, week one is done and I have to say... I probably haven't tried hard enough to get to bed early. I'm such a night owl, and I enjoy my "me time" so much once the kids are in bed... so I end up filling the hours quite quickly and before I know it, it's getting really late. I'm going to continue to work on this in the weeks to come, because I know from experience that the more sleep I get, the better I feel. I did manage to get into bed by 10:30 most nights this week {with the exception of the weekend, when I get to stay in bed later} but I often chose to read until well after 11 pm, which is sort of defeating the purpose. My new hot-water bottle is helping me to relax though, so I'm off to a pretty good start.

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As for week #2, I've decided to jump back into journalling. I have kept a journal for years and years {there's an entire bookshelf downstairs in our library lined with my journals- all my thoughts and ramblings from the time I was about 15!} but over the past few, I've stopped writing regularly. I want to change that. I think keeping a journal is a really positive thing, and is a great way to clear your head and vent your frustrations. It's also a wonderful record of your life. I spent a good hour last night reading an old journal of mine, and I loved it! It brought back some wonderful {and not so wonderful} memories. Alan bought me a new journal for Christmas, and I'm going to start writing in it tonight. I might just record 3BT a day to start. We'll see. We're going to Sorrento this summer for a week of relaxation at the retreat/conference centre by the lake, and there's a journalling course I might take. It might be nice to have a focus to my writing. But for now, I'll just let the words come out and see what I end up with. And now, I'm off to bed, to record my three beautiful things, and then to fall asleep.

Do you write in a journal? What do you write about?


  1. I do have a journal but I am so on-and-off with it! I will write consistently (thoughts/what's going on/processing mostly) for a few days and then not look at it for a few weeks. Every year I try to get better but it's tough! Ultimately I do think that a nighttime ritual would be a wonderful things. Maybe I'll try it, too. :)

  2. I think this is a wonderful resolution and I hope you are able to keep up with it. I've decided to do the same. I used to write all the time and remember how much I loved it.

    I'm impressed that you kept your early journals. I got rid of mine from 13-18 because there were some things I wanted to forget, but I wish I kept them.

    Maybe I should do 3BT in a journal too. Maybe a separate journal for that :)

  3. I've just started writing a journal. It's mostly a gratitude journal (something like your 3BT) but other thoughts and plans have found their way in it. I don't know if I'll manage to keep it up though.
    And I'm like you on the sleep earlier front.

  4. The only journal I really have time to keep is a little gratitude one that I write in every night. I just list a few things I'm grateful for -- whatever brightened my day. Good luck starting up with the journaling this week and keep getting to bed early!

  5. I like the idea of the 3BT to start with, I am sure it will ease you in and then you might find it is another thing keeping you from resolution number one! Sorry I tease ;)


  6. I, too, have been thinking about journaling. Nothing long or lengthy, just a place I can stash little discombobulated thoughts throughout the year. Whenever I talk to anyone about journaling they say, "But you blog!" But I think blogging is a completely different beast. It doesn't allow for loose end thoughts, or those pieces of self that aren't shared online.

    I'm eying a graph paged moleskin dairy. Sometimes I'm intimidated by lined pages, like theres an expectation to write a certain amount, or stay within the lines. You may have motivated me to beg Gabriel to stop at Barnes and Noble today so I can buy my journal. :)

  7. journalling is so great for me. i've done several different versions in the past. one thing i used to do was jot down my goals and hopes for the day in the morning (not just a to-do list, but things like "notice the good in others, face a fear, etc.), and then i would jot down all the things i was thankful for that day before bedtime. doing a goals/gratitude journal made me so much happier with life in general.

    now i do morning pages (from the artist's way) where i just write about 3 pages of anything/everything. the point is not to have a topic but to just get all that mental clutter out of your head. i've found i'm so much more inspired, open, and have more clarity through the day. it's amazing what a little writing can do for epiphanies and stress management. i'm so excited for you!

    ps - i LOVE that you quoted "so i married an axe murderer" on my blog today. that's one of my favorite movies ever! :)

  8. Right up until I started blogging I kept journals. Like you, I have a ton of them, dating back to when I was a kid. And it's BIZARRE going back to read them, it's like reading someone else's thoughts!

    I don't journal anymore because of my blog but I do miss it.

  9. Good for you! I have tried before to keep journals (and it's fun!) but I forget about it for one or two days, do an entry, and then it stops for months.... Blogging for me is so much easier to keep up with.... not sure why.

    Going to bed early is so challenging sometimes! I hope you can find a balance of me time and sleep time. I'm terrible, I almost always choose me. Then I'm cranky in the morning. Haha.

  10. Your journaling is exactly me, too! Heh. I have journals from the time I was about 13? I think, all the way through a few years ago. The blogs became my journal then, but I still write when traveling and whatnot. I also love reading back through them, especially from HS & college!! : )

  11. How special to have journals from the time when you were 15 until now to go back and read through and enjoy. These are priceless treasures that you and your family will get to cherish for years to come :) I kept a journal when I was in middle school that I would write in constantly. I don't journal in the diary kind of way, but there for a year or so I kept a journal that I just wrote random things in, quotes, pictures I liked etc. At the time I was going through a difficult time and it was very theraputic for me. It's sad that I stopped it after things started looking up, I really should start up again! Thanks for the inspiration Erin! xo

  12. I used to write in a journal when I was young but I was that girl who went back a few years later and ripped out the pages that embarrassed me. Oh, if only we could tell our younger selves to calm down and be as we are! lol :)


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