Monday, January 31, 2011

Resolution 4/52

It's been a pretty good week for my resolutions. I'd say the year is off to a great start really! With the exception of this past weekend, when I stayed up far too late all three nights, I've been sticking to my earlier bedtime routine. I've been writing lots of letters, and I have written in my 3BT journal every single night. It's such a nice way to end the day, reflecting on three beautiful things that made it a good day {it's easy to get caught up in the negatives, and just as easy to turn that around if you take a minute to appreciate all the positives!} 

This past week, my goal was to run three times, and I did. I even ran a bit further and longer than I was supposed to, so I feel totally prepared for tomorrow night's run. I had been hoping to go to the gym tonight to squeeze in one more run before this week's clinic, but I decided to rest up instead, and am hoping to get to bed even earlier than usual. I'm tired today {probably because of all those late nights over the weekend, and because today was pretty much non-stop dashing from one activity/chore to the next!} But before I head to bed, let's talk about this week's goal.

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Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will know that I had a bit of an issue with a song I heard playing on the radio Friday afternoon. It was, in my mind, quite offensive, and totally inappropriate for midday listening! {let's just say that I'm really glad the kids weren't with me in the car...} Anyway, after calling the station and complaining to the program director, I got to thinking. Why am I mindlessly listening to a top 40 station that plays the same songs over and over again, regurgitates Hollywood gossip, and occasionally throws in something so explicit that I feel ill? Is that really the kind of crap I want to be exposed to first thing every morning? Nope. So I changed the station... to the CBC. Public radio at its best. My goal is to listen to it regularly now. It's so much more interesting and worthwhile.

This is what I want to hear. Stuff like Canada Reads and On The Island and The Vinyl Cafe- hilarious stories and thought-provoking interviews and great Canadian music. I don't know why I stopped listening to it in the first place. I love it. Today I heard a program about the Awesome Awards, "promoting crazy brilliant ideas." Now, there's something worth listening to. So, the goal this week: feed my brain with good stuff. Great radio, and really good books. I'll get to them soon... But right now, I've got to get to bed.



  1. I love this week's resolution. :) Way to take matters into your own hands! I always felt like radio replayed the same list of songs over and over again. It felt good to just turn off the station!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you make with the rest of your goals! :)


  2. Hooray for nerdy radio! This goal rocks! I love love love the CBC & listen to it on-line often. That being said, I can't wait to be back in B.C. {one week from today!!}, drinking tea in my parents' kitchen while my dad makes me waffles & CBC plays in the background.

  3. Hooray for running and high quality radio programming. I sheepishly love the top 40 stuff for catchy workout songs but want to rip my hair out after hearing the same thing 100 times.

  4. Go you! That's awesome :) It's not easy to stick to resolutions.

    I'm with you on the radio thing... sometimes I'm a bit shocked at what they play on the radio. Sometimes I just have to tune it all out with some good old NPR :)

  5. I'd say the year is def off to a great start for you! :) I'm so proud of you for sticking to your resolutions! Your commitment and making your weekly goals is so inspiring :)

  6. I'm all about independent radio stations, Pandora, and NPR. I just want more time to do it all. And I'm still working on getting back into running and exercising. I need to block the time off and do it.

  7. oh how i love my cbc and how i take them for granted and don't listen to them enough! my dad and i listened to a program on saturday called the debaters. here's the link to it:

    it's so dang funny!

  8. You go Erin! Running and righting the world's wrongs - I love it! x

  9. ps: thanks so much for your sweet comment on my pretzel post! You honestly don't need to go to any bother Erin - for some reason it hadn't clicked in my head that I can melt chocolate and coat the regular pretzels (which are easily available here) in chocolate myself, so I'm going to give this a go for valentine's day for boyfriend!! x

  10. good for you my darling!!!!!

    on both counts :)

    i'm just so glad the boys were NOT with you. i'm so glad you've been keeping up with your running! :) it was quite yucky out today so i took a rest and binged on "beer bread" instead ;) ha

    tomorrow i'm going to join a gym closeby because i have really been missing work-out classes.


  11. ps. i totally thought of you and the teapot nightlight of course! if i should come round one again-- up in my arms it'll go for you! x

  12. you're an inspiration for my working out!

    i hate top 40 stations too, even though i don't mind the music...the plethora of commercials and repetitive playlists make my ears burn! i've resorted to listening to audiobooks. i miss NPR, so i may just have to give CBC a try...

  13. We made the switch here just over a year ago from Radio 1 to Radio 2 - what I originally would have thought of as an old fogy programme but now I wouldn't switch back. It is so much better and makes you think about what you are listening to so much more - so this sounds like a fabulous swap for you and a fantastic resolution for the week! Yeah!


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