Monday, January 03, 2011

Our Christmas in photos {part three}

It's the last day of Christmas vacation, so won't you please indulge me while I share a few more photos of our lovely Christmas day? {after this, I'm all about the brand new year!}

After a leisurely morning of gift-opening, a light lunch and some resting up, we were off to my mom and dad's for the most delicious Christmas dinner!

They have a beautiful house, with the prettiest living room, especially at Christmas time...

I love the clock at my parents' house. Especially when it's all decked out for the holidays.

Cousin time! 4 little boys, aged 3-5, make for one noisy Christmas afternoon!

Amanda carved the turkey {I love her red Christmas dress}

Mmmm, turkey!

Sawyer loved the {non-alcoholic} Christmas punch. He kept shouting, "Cheers! Merry Christmas!"

Cuddling by the Christmas tree

Auntie Pat, Dylan and Alan, enjoying some dessert

After dinner, we played games... Jenga was the clear favourite!

Dinner was delicious, and lots of fun. But this year I found myself feeling incredibly nostalgic for the Christmases of my childhood. I really enjoyed sitting for a while and taking in all the beautiful decorations in the house I grew up in.

What a lovely tree. My dad always gets a really big one! {I must say though, this is small compared to the trees we used to get when I was a kid!}

The nativity scene. I remember so clearly carefully unpacking each piece from the box each year.

There are my mince tarts and gingerbread men! Pretty, non? And tasty too.

My mom has a fabulous collection of vintage glass ornaments. I love them!

Pretty little Christmas angel on the mantelpiece

Whew! Okay, that's it for the Christmas day photos! Did you take a million pictures over the holidays?


  1. Your pictures have that gorgeous warm glow of childhood memories Erin, especially the ones of the tree.

    From your photos I can imagine myself there all cosy and warm too, it looks so fun.

    Enjoy your last Christmas holiday day xx

  2. that looks like such a magical time! i love all the decorations, and the food looked amazing. hooray for christmas with family!

  3. The photo of those four happy little boys is priceless! Such a sweet moment.

    I've missed you and your blog! I'm so glad to be back :)

  4. Yes, I took a million as well. Plus the internet is impossibly slow here so I can't edit that many or put them up on facebook at all. It's killing me. Hah! I love the photos of the tree, they look... warm. You have some great pictures of the boys smiling. Glad to see you have had a jolly Christmas!

  5. I love Christmas! Yours looked amazing.

  6. What a gorgeous turkey! Your Christmas really looks like so much fun -- I love that you share all these photos with us.

  7. Aww, your Christmas looked fantastic! Filled w/ lots of laughs & family :-)

    Happy Happy New Year!


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