Monday, January 17, 2011

Much Love Monday {cleaning house}

Good morning! Happy Monday! I've got good news... we are over half-way through January now! Just two weeks left to go, and we'll be in February. And February is practically spring, right? Right. Okay, good. Just so long as we agree on that! Here's what else I'm loving on this beautiful winter morning {apparently the sun is going to come out at some point today! keep your fingers crossed...}:
  • I'm getting back into my gym routine and my thighs, while burning, are going to thank me for it!
  • Meal Plan Monday... I've got some delicious dinners lined up for the week ahead, lots of soups and salads and stir-fries {yum!}
  • I managed to get both of my Irish nephews' birthday parcels mailed off on Friday~ they should arrive on that windy hill in Ireland in plenty of time for the celebrations
  • I'm excited about my running clinic, which starts next week {again with the thankful thighs}
  • Being Human returns to BBC3 this coming weekend... I can't wait!
  • Tomorrow is a special Science-y day at school. Shannon and I will be teaching our group how to make gloop. Awesome!
  • I got a lot accomplished over the past few days. Grocery shopping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and {this is the really big one} clearing some clutter. We tackled the spare room and the boys' bedroom yesterday and it felt good to see some stuff go. I feel really motivated to get re-organized around here, and to really make the best use of our space. It's still a work in progress, but our bedrooms, our living room, the playroom {yay! we have a playroom!} and the spare room {one day it will be my office, and a pretty room in which to put up an out-of-town guest... like oh, one from France, for example!} are on their way to being fantastic. And that, that makes me feel so good.
A pretty good list for so early in the day, don't you think? I'll be back tonight with resolution updates and other good stuff. In the meantime, won't you share the love? Don't forget to link back to Anna's blog and the original Much Love Monday.

Hope yours is happy, wherever you might be.

love, E xo


  1. I can't believe we're half-way through January! Where did that time go? Good for you for getting so much done lately, and I so wish I could be with you at this science day (love those)!

  2. I like your reasons to smile! What is a running clinic? Is it a class where a lot of people run together?

    I'm looking forward to Monday Night Meals - I love getting ideas about what to eat during the week. :)

  3. How funny we have both written quite a list today and mentioned this disappearing month of January - those great minds again! hee hee

    Sounds like you had a full but productive weekend, which are the best ones after all. Hope you catch you later.

  4. so many great things! i'm so inspired by you and your running clinic. i really need to get back into running. it's so good for you in so many different areas of life. also, we're having warm, sunny days right now and i am soaking it all up. i know cold days are coming soon, but it's definitely made me antsy for spring!

  5. these are the best kind of days! good for you:). and yes, let's say that February is the beginning of spring.... girls can dream, can't we??



  6. It sounds like you have been very busy - it feels good to get so much accomplished doesn't it. Oh I am so selfish but I dont want January to end Winter is coming along to quickly for me.

  7. So glad your week is off to a great start and what a fantastic week you have in store :) Your happiness and enthusiasm in cleaning out some clutter makes me want to go do some magic in my own spare room! Alas it's a bit late and I will put it off another day haha


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