Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas in photos {part one}

Let's begin with Christmas Eve... {my favourite night of the year}

We put out our photos so Santa could see how good we've been this year {aren't the frames great? they were made for the boys by Alan's mum}

We made these hilarious gooey marshmallow snowmen and put them on a candy cane sled. I think they took the hill too fast... looks like they're about to go flying off, doesn't it? {that's a calendar photo of a Vancouver ski-slope in the background!}

Our local firehall sends Santa around the neighbourhood just when it gets dark on Christmas Eve {checking one last time who's on the naughty and nice lists} We look forward to it every year!

Pugh boys wishing Santa a Merry Christmas, and saying thanks for the candy canes

Our twinkly house

My parents always come over on Christmas Eve for snacks and a visit and carol singing. They gave the boys their presents and Dylan was sooo excited to get a microscope! He gave Grandma the happiest hug.

Me, opening up the traditional Christmas Eve gift of pajamas from my dad

Alan and I bought new pjs for the boys {the tradition continues}- they're wearing them here as they sit on Grandpa's lap

Sitting by the Christmas tree, looking adorable in new Christmas pajamas.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care {I made those years ago... who knew how great they'd look with our freshly painted living room and fireplace?!}

Milk and cookies and a mince pie for Santa {there were carrots for the reindeer, too}

Our Christmas tree, and all the gifts under it once Santa had been!

It was a great night, but it was a crazy December what with the renos and flu bug, and we were so not ready for the 24th when it arrived. We were up until 1 a.m. wrapping presents! Never again...

Christmas morning photos coming soon! Until then, tell me about your Christmas Eve?


  1. Beautiful Christmas Tree...LOVE your stockings and your boys look soo sweet in their XMAS PJ's !

  2. <3 all your photos and traditions! the marshmallows are great, as is the mince pie for santa! your boys are adorable!

  3. No matter how hard we try, we never get to bed as early as we hope to on
    Christmas Eve... happy holidays! xoxo

  4. Love the stockings, your tree, those cutie pies underneath having a hug but most of all I adore those gorgeous Christmas pj's!!!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time, glad to see you managed to finish the livingroom:)

  6. that looks like such a fun christmas eve! your boys are adorable as usual and your fireplace is perfect! i'm so glad you got that done in time to hang your pretty stockings for christmas.

  7. I LOVE everything about your holiday traditions! The Christmas Eve Pajamas, the picture frames, they're all so lovely and inspiring for a lovely family Christmas.


  8. the stockings you made are amazing. what a gift and tradition to hold on to. i love it!


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