Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oatmeal, email, progress

It's late but I figure I'll be up all night anyway, so it doesn't really matter. After my difficult day today, I think I need a 3BT:

1. Sawyer had a long soak in an oatmeal bath before bed tonight {the verdict is not yet in regarding the chicken "pops"}. When I asked him if he was ready to get out of the tub he said, "Not yet, Mum. I am havin' fun playing with this oatmeal!" He cracks me up.

2. Just got a lovely email from my sweet blogging friend Bethany {have I ever told you she was the first follower I had who I wasn't related to?!}, thanking me for the ornament I sent her. "Such perfection," she wrote. Yay! I knew she'd love it!

3. Alan and I sanded the living room walls and ceiling for ages tonight. Soon we'll be ready to paint!!! {and once that job is done, I can get my Christmas tree!}

Do you have three beautiful things you'd like to share tonight?


  1. All of your three things are beautiful! Ahh Bethany is such a sweetheart!

    Three things....

    1. I've started wrapping my Christmas gifts with brown paper :)

    2. Friendship bracelets - making them and receiving too

    3. Glittery stars!

  2. I loved reading these. :) Also, I heard Sheba was your ornament partner--I looooooove her!

    1. I got my Christmas tree tonight! It is up and decorated and I am staring at it while drinking egg nog, and it's making me so happy. :)

    2. Had a delicious dinner with a remarkable friend tonight.

    3. I'm wearing my Tim Riggins jersey :)

  3. Hope your night is peaceful dear friend!

    OK three things:
    1. A lovely early morning Skype catch up with you - we must do a Christmas Eve/Christmas morning one you know!
    2. Having awoke to no more snow, even though it was forecast - the chances of getting my Christmas shopping finished are still in sight!
    3. More gorgeous Christmas cards arriving in the post from blogging friends.

    Wishing you a good night xx

  4. I remember how much I loved those oatmeal baths too! I could really use one right now, in fact, just to relax. Three little things making me happy: (1) Recipes in the mail (2) Chocolate treats (3) Emails from friends.
    Writing papers and grading exams don't make it to my list. For obvious reasons.
    Happy Wednesday, Erin!

  5. re to #2- you'll never forget your first follower right? unfortunately mine doesn't blog anymore :( but i will always have a place for her in my heart.

    my day off was crazy.. i slept in waaay too late and then went to go do a little christmas shopping. i was stressed thinking about finances etc. and then i came home to

    1. max cooking dinner for me that included choc cupcakes! i love my husband :)

    2. funny texts with my little sis

    3. catching up on tv shows-- i LOVE dexter!


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