Friday, December 31, 2010

J'adore Dickens

Did I tell you that my mom went out for a drink a while back with Charles Dickens' great-great grandson {it's a long story}? How awesome is that? She said he was a lovely, charming old man, and that he had a deep respect for the great man with whom he shares a name. He does speaking engagements where he discusses the works of Dickens. Can you imagine life without A Christmas Carol? Without Scrooge getting a second chance, and redeeming himself?Without Tiny Tim calling out, "God bless us, everyone!"? I can't. And I wouldn't want to.

It's the last day of December and the holidays are almost over. I am all for new beginnings and I love the freshness of a brand new year. But this year, I want to hold onto Christmas just a little while longer {perhaps because we got such a late start!} I'd like to hold onto the joy it brings and the lightness it puts in my heart. The feeling of wanting to spread cheer and good will to all. I'd like to keep it there the whole year long. I'm going to work on that.

And now I need to figure out a tasty menu for our very tiny New Year's Eve celebration {it's just the four of us}. Fizzy ginger ale will be involved, I'm sure! And noisemakers. It wouldn't be New Year's Eve without noisemakers.

Back in a bit. Until then, tell me about your New Year's preparations?



  1. what a great claim to fame! sounds like a very neat outing.

    happy new year to you!

  2. I think we all need to hold Christmas a little longer in our hearts. It's so easy to go back to our daily routines and forget that holiday spirit is meant for the whole year.
    Have a lovely NYE, Erin!

  3. My lovely new years eve has involved seeing a dear friend and her boys! ;)

    I just have to say that I will forever remember 2011 nye has the day Sawyer nearly put his entire head in the gingerbread train!! Ha ha ha

    Hope your little celebrations are fabulous and hope to catch you whilst I begin 2011 and you leave behind 2010!

  4. we had homemade pizza with pink champagne and started a massive puzzle which be continued tomorrow. it was great!

  5. I reeealy enjoyed the Dr Who Christmas Carol special on Boxing Day - and of course I thought of you!!



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