Friday, December 10, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

Having a nice Friday night, more relaxing than all our other nights of late. Alan is doing touch-up mudding, Dylan is wrapping gifts in his bedroom (oh! so much scotch tape!), & Sawyer and I are sitting on the couch singing Christmas songs loudly. His current fave is The Twelve Days of Christmas, sung by the Muppets. When Beaker "sings" his bit, we burst into gales of laughter. Love it.

What song are you singing tonight?


  1. 12 Days of Christmas, except it is the canadian version from the 'A Porcupine in a Pine Tree' book. We laugh at 'eight mounties munching' as Daddy is a mountie and it is donuts they are munching in the book!

  2. Baby It's Cold Outside - simply cannot get it out of my head ever since Glee this week!!

    I loved to read this post this morning as it seems like a smile has returned to nicely finish your week, I am so pleased.


  3. PS: Oh you have to showcase Dylan's wrapping on here too!!


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