Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Window- December 11th

I think we might be going to get our tree this weekend. Hurrah! It's one of my very favourite things about Christmas...


  1. Erin, I adore your advent windows. :) This tree is completely adorable...I love a little baby tree!

    We were thinking about getting our tree today, but it just snowed 10 inches or something, so we might be waiting on that... :)

    Happy weekend, beautiful lady!

  2. Hurrah indeed! I am so pleased that you might go this weekend now to get your tree, fingers crossed you do.

    Hope to catch up at some point over weekend dear.

  3. I am completely smitten with my tree! I pretty much never want to leave it, seriously. It makes me SO much happier. Glad you're getting yours!!


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