Monday, November 22, 2010

Much Love Monday

Good morning from the icy cold west coast of Canada! I've had a busy weekend and the week ahead is shaping up to be crazeeee! I've got reports to finish, parent-teacher interviews to do, the auction to prepare for and then work at on Thursday night, and a house that feels like it's falling down around me {really, it's being re-built around me, but it's sort of hard to see at the moment}. No wonder I feel a bit stressed out. Oh, and did I mention that there's still snow on the ground and more in the forecast? And that the temperature hasn't been above zero for several days? Yep, that too.

None of this is any reason to cancel Much Love Monday though! Amidst all the chaos, I am still loving lots of little things, and I've got lots to look forward to as well:
  • Dylan and I are going to squeeze in some time this afternoon to wrap Christmas presents {I swear to God, those parcels are going to the post office by tomorrow!} and maybe listen to a bit of Bing Crosby...
  • Sawyer looks super-cute in his new red toque
  • a friend of mine is getting married on Friday and I'm so happy for her!
  • my new lipbalm is the perfect blend of honey and peppermint {and it feels so good on your lips when you're outside in the icy wind}
  • I'm making a big pot of potato & leek soup for dinner... yum!
  • Mom, Amanda and I are heading up-island on Saturday to see a theatre production of A Christmas Carol {and to stay overnight in a hotel! thanks, Mom!} It's going to be great, girly fun! If I can just get through this week first...

What are you loving this Monday? Link up over on Much Love Anna, and leave me a comment too, won't you please? Because when you're happy, I'm happy.


  1. Oh dear it really does sound like you are having a mad old time of it at the moment. Keep chanting your mantra! Bing Crosby will certainly calm the mood and just keep thinking about the weekend.


  2. Leek and potato soup sounds so perfect right now!

    Have a wonderful time with all of your Christmas prep- it sounds like so much fun.

  3. I'm loving the beautiful advent calendar card/lantern I got in the mail today!


  4. That picture is perfect. I remember seeing a similar one a while ago and I thought it was pure magic.

    I hope your week is magical. I hope you find moments of peace through all the chaos.

  5. wow, i miss snow so much! of course, i know it can make life harder sometimes. i'm just so thankful it finally got cold down in los angeles. i was sick of ridiculously hot days in november! now i get to wear sweaters and boots and drink hot drinks and smell christmas in the air. :)

    good luck with your busy week!

  6. much love for the roast dinner we made tonight and my nice warm fireplace :)

    Will you pleeeeease send me your recipe for potato leek soup???

  7. ps - do you celebrate canadian thanksgiving by eating turkey? cause i just found this free printable {just in time for american thanksgiving} and it made me think of you. maybe for next year's canadian thanksgiving at the pughs' residence?

  8. You're already wrapping Christmas presents? Golly, I wish my mom had been like you. For years, my parents wrapped presents late at night on Christmas eve because my mom was horribly disorganized. Once I was old enough and they discovered I was a better gift wrapper, they made me do it all -- sometimes even my own gifts.


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