Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mother-daughter weekends are the best!

Hello lovelies, and happy Tuesday! Can you even belive it's the last day of November? Neither can I! I have lots of fantastically festive things to talk about, but first... who wants to hear about my wonderful weekend away?

Everything about it was great, from the ride up-island with grande chai tea lattes and Bing Crosby tunes on the cd player, to the fun shopping {vintage glass tree ornaments in every little antique shop!}, to hilarious tea-leaf readings, to our cozy hotel room where we read magazines {hello, Ryan Reynolds! Sexiest Man Alive 2010!}, ate popcorn and watched It's a Wonderful Life {best. Christmas. movie. ever}. It was a wonderful getaway, with lots of chances to chat and laugh and shop and eat and drink and just be oh so merry! Mom said she thought we should turn it into an annual event and I couldn't agree more!

Amanda and I shared a room. Our king size bed was absolutely enormous!

On our way out on day 2, to do a bit more Christmas shopping and then head to the theatre. Chemainus is a teeny tiny town, but it has lots of fun shops.

Hansel and Gretel's Sweet Shop! Isn't it adorable? {see me in the window?}

Mmm! Chocolate St Nicks all in a row {I may or may not have loaded up on goodies for stockings in this shop...}

After shopping and a bowl of hot soup, we went to see A Christmas Carol. It was lovely, and the actor who played Scrooge was just marvellous! We had a great time, and especially enjoyed our Baileys and hot chocolate in the theatre lobby at intermission

We love uninterrupted sister time!

So, that was my weekend. Fantastic from start to finish. Alas, it's over now and I've been thrown headlong back into the chaos of our renovations. I was at the preschool for hours yesterday, and in a hideously long line at the post office too. Plus we spent at a while at the doctor's office and then the pharmacy, as it turns out that Sawyer has a bad ear infection. Needless to say, I'm tired! And I could really use a weekend away...
E xo

PS: I missed you guys! What's happening in your part of the world this Tuesday?


  1. Mother-daughter weekends, and sister weekends, really ARE the best. Yours looks especially lovely!

  2. Fabulous pictures! It sounds like the perfect pre-Christmas getaway and I have to agree that it should certainly be an annual event!

    Especially love your first pic - in bed with sunglasses - very glamorous Mrs Pugh!

  3. Up to Chemainus I see!
    Ohhh, jealous.

    (I miss home ... home being The Island ... so I do love reading about your life and lovelies there.)

  4. I'm so happy you could get away for such a fun weekend. Love that photo of you & Amanda all snuggled up in bed! (But the real question: does she kick you in the night like my sister does?)

  5. So sweet! This looks like it was a delightful trip. How fortunate that you were all able to get away. And adorable pictures!

    I stood in a horribly long line at the post office yesterday as well, and I realized while I was there that I often experience totally unreasonable rage at long postal lines. The whole operation seems so inefficient and it often takes forever!

  6. Oh my what three gorgeous women you are! It sounds like you had such a wonderful time - that store looks so cute. I am spending this weekend with my mum and sister and you have got me so excited.

  7. first, please accept my sincere apologies that your ornament isn't in the mail yet. it will be this week for sure!

    your weekend sounds fabulous! you, your sis and mom are adorably cute! and that king bed looks mighty comfy!

  8. happy tuesday erin-whose-blog-i-love!

    sexy canadian ryan reynolds indeed!

  9. Erin, that sounds like so much fun! I kinda wish I had a sister. Or a mom who didn't drive me crazy (even though we're alike in many ways, we're very different in many others and I do love her).
    Happy last few hours of November!

  10. Ah feeling very Christmassy already and this post made me even more so (especially those chocolate Santas). Sounds like the most wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh my gosh, how cute! Looks like lots of fun!

  12. that sounds like just THE BEST time ever! i want to go next time you gals have another weekend away. :) seriously though, good quality girl time is so special and i miss it a lot. i'm so happy for you that you had entire weekend of it! yay!!!

  13. such FUN sister time!!! i love it!!! how cute you both are in that bed? and the hot choc (baileys, yes please!) during a most festive play... BONUS!

    oh what a fun getaway! makes me miss and smile and giggle at the time i had with my mom and sisters during my most magical thanksgiving break! :)

    i'm off to catch up on some shows with my HUSBAND! i loveee saying that :) i need to get your christmas ornament together to send off to you so you can enjoy it before christmas... it is SO you mrs. pugh! :) so you!


  14. This sounds like a perfect little getaway! I hope you ladies had a wonderful time. You definitely deserve a little "me" time! :)


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