Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keeping busy

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Life is busy, sooo busy! We've been renovating and cleaning up the chaos as we go. I've been report-card writing and Alan's been working like mad to meet his deadlines. The boys and I have been trekking through the woods and along the river to see the salmon run, then heading downtown to pick up books for school, and wandering the museum for the last half-hour before closing time. We've sat in traffic, and we've sat up late reading. I've been working on a bunch of book reviews I'd love to share with you when they're ready. Oh, and we've also been preparing for the big preschool fundraising auction next week, and for parent-teacher interviews this coming Monday through Thursday. I've got one ornament swap all sorted, and another one for the kids to get organized. And I should really send those parcels to England, Ireland and France before it's too late! There's not been much time to blog {or to visit all of your lovely blogs}, but I hope to change that soon if I can. Oh, and in the midst of all this madness? It's supposed to snow on Saturday. I'd better find my mittens.


  1. wow! busy lady! i hope you can find some time to slow down and have some quiet time.

  2. I've been similarly busy and haven't had time to blog since I got back from Guatemala! Sooooo tired. And jealous of your snow! I can't really complain about California weather, but I do miss the snow.

  3. Snow!!!! Oh how exciting : D
    We are anxiously awaiting snow here in NYC : D

    Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Woooohhhhooo!!!!!

  4. i am about to feel the same way! but exciting busy ;) as you know!!!

    don't worry, i'm always here :)


  5. How are you doing it all? I wish I lived close -- I would totally come over and help you with everything. Make sure you take some time to relax this weekend. Maybe go see Harry Potter??

  6. You are crazy busy lady, not just busy! I think my head would explode with that much to think about and contend with.

    Yeah for the snow though, I dreamt last night that it snowed nearly all of December here and was two foot deep some days - think I had better keep dreaming!


  7. wow, you have a lot going on! i'm not ready for snow just yet! hopefully, toronto will hold out just a few more days [weeks?].


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