Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I love Jamie Oliver

So not only is he cute, British, and single-handedly attempting to change the eating habits of children in the western world, but now he's helping me to make tasty dinners in under 30 minutes! Alan and I watched an episode of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals last night, and I am absolutely going to make the smashed potato with lemon, cilantro and feta for dinner tonight. Mmmmm! I loved the show, and now I'm putting the cookbook on my wishlist (are you reading this, Santa?) According to Jamie's website, "this book is as practical as it is beautiful, showing that with a bit of preparation, the right equipment and some organization, hearty, delicious, quick meals are less than half an hour away."

Seriously? Sign me up.


  1. I love Jamie, too. Hope Santa brings the book! =)


  2. Ooooh--I've never watched that, but I love the sound of 30 minutes AND the ingredients of the dish you described!

  3. oh, i don't know who this is, but when i read it i thought you were talking about john oliver, who is a british comedian on the daily show with john stewart. now HE would be funny in the kitchen! but really, it's always wonderful to have good food inspiration. that's sometimes really hard for me to find.

  4. now, if jamie & rachel ray could do a joint 30 minute meal special...

    i share you love of him, especially because he's an advocate for GOOD food for schoolkids. it's ridiculous to me the things "we" feed "our" kids in the education systems...

  5. I love Jamie Oliver! I thought his Food Revolution show was amazing. It's terrifying what kinds of foods are served in our schools and in our homes as well! I love anyone who tries to stir things up for the better!

  6. I need to try this too! Don't you wish you could bring him home with you? I love my boyfriend and we cook together, but I wouldn't mind having Jamie around to help for dinner parties and such.

  7. Oooooh...I have to try and catch an episode. With a family of seven a 30 minute meal would be right up my alley....Hope your feeling better

  8. I love him too. He is adorable and he knows how to cook mad meals. So much talent.

    It's so nice to meet you.


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