Thursday, October 14, 2010


... these amazing library-themed birthday cards, with the recipient's birthday stamped right on them! How awesome is that? I'm thinking I'll need to invest in a whole bunch of them for all my friends' birthdays next year. It's meant to be, seeing as I'm a librarian and all.

Go take a look at Papermash, if you haven't before. There's lots of lovely stuff. Be sure to check out the travel gift tags- they're very cool.


  1. Oh man, i just love a good library due date card... I have a stack of them that I use for gift tags and cards all the time!

  2. Ohh this is really cool! I will have to check out this shop.

    You could have a whole librarian themed party!

  3. these are so cool! can i buy a bunch for myself?

  4. Love these. I'm such a book geek.

  5. these are really cool !
    we had the same at the school library when i was a primary pupil. sweet memorie to me :)

  6. Oh my, I absolutely adore these! Pretty much anything Library-themed is a winner in my book! (no pun intended) :-)


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