Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mid-October weekend

We had a really nice weekend. I was finally (finally!) starting to feel better, so was keen to spend as much time outside in the sunshine as I possibly could. We did things like mowing the lawn, planting daffodils and anemones (can't wait to see them bloom next spring), sweeping the steps and front walk, weeding the flower beds, and riding bikes. And yesterday, we went to the last farmer's market of the season. It was great!

There's just something about gourds and squashes that makes me want to photograph them. So festive!

I had a hard time choosing just one homemade jam I wanted to buy. In the end, Alan convinced me that chocolate raspberry was the way to go. Apparently it's made with raspberries and dark French cocoa. Mmmmm. Looking forward to trying it on toast one day soon...

There were some lovely handmade crafts like this cute little owl...

And a basket full of wonderful, knitted hats. Sawyer tried on every. single. one. And if I'd had any extra cash on me, I totally would have bought him one.

We bought our jam, some fresh veggies and a stack of fabulous handmade cards (because a girl can never have too much stationery, right?) It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, wandering the stalls together in the sunshine. I'm so glad we went. And I am definitely going to try to get there more often next summer.

What else did I do this weekend? I made a giant pot of lentil and pasta Soup (recipe found in this terrific soup cookbook that Em sent me last week!), went to the gym twice (told you I was feeling better!), did three loads of laundry and hung them all out on the line to dry, and got some orange twinkle lights up around the living room window, much to the boys' delight.

All in all, I'd say it was a really good weekend. It was so nice to feel like myself again (though I do still have a bit of a cough at night-time, which means I'm still not getting enough sleep...) I'm looking forward to a wonderful week ahead. I hope to stop by every one of your blogs this week to say hello... I've been falling behind on that lately, and I'm sorry. Forgive me? Hope so. And hope you had a simply wonderful weekend!

E xo


  1. OMG chocolate raspberry jam?!?!?! I am dying over here! Of jealousy!

  2. It looks like you guys had such a lovely weekend!
    And that jam sounds delicious.
    So guess what? Your the winner of my blog giveaway woo hoo!!! I will post it out to you soon.

  3. It sounds like a fantastic weekend. You can never have enough stationery :)

    Oh home made jam! Yum! I want to go to some farmer's markets. You've inspired me to go next week! x

  4. So nice to hear you had a wonderful weekend at the farmer's market and are feeling better (yay!). One of the reasons I'm not looking forward to leaving California is that we have farmer's markets year round here -- I'd so miss them in the cold winter months. Hope you have a beautiful Monday, Erin!

  5. How perfect! Love, love, LOVE farm markets. I want to take that little owl home with me - too cute!

  6. Sounds like a perfect Fall weekend... cooking, a little shopping, a little decorating. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    And thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my last post. It means a lot to hear from other bloggers that I'm not alone in this experience. <3

  7. oh that sounds like a really lovely weekend! i'm so SO glad you're feeling better and living life again!

  8. I love seasonal squashes, home-made jam, that owl, and how cute S looks in the red hat. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  9. a really great weekend indeed! how CUTE is Sawyer in a knitted hat? :)


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