Wednesday, October 27, 2010


images via etsy, spotted on lovely little things

... these super fun Scrabble cushions from shop dirtsa on Etsy. If you know me, you know I love Scrabble. Well guess what else I love? Cushions! What we've got here is clearly a win-win situation! Now to choose which letters I want. Something with a triple letter score would be good...

PS: Am loving the "penmanship" pillow too. Take a look! And then just try to tell me it's not awesome. I dare you.


  1. Love love love love love love!!!
    Want want want want want want!!!

  2.'m sitting in a coffee shop (supposed to be studying) and I literally GASPED when I saw the penmanship pillows! How cute are they? Oh my gosh. Love.

    I need to get someone that for Christmas. :)

    Hope your Wednesday is tops!

  3. okay, you're right... the penmanship pillows are totally awesome. what a clever idea!

  4. love love and LOVE! i think i just might be abel to cross something off my xmas list!!

  5. Bah! Those are adorable! I want them!!

  6. What a clever idea! So cute for so many rooms!


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