Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling festive

With Halloween just 4 days away, the boys have begun mass production of "spooky" artwork to decorate every surface of our house.

And of their bodies. Sawyer was loving his face-painted spider at preschool today.

We have two amazingly detailed skeletons on the kitchen wall.

One super-cute witch in the hallway.

And our traditional Halloween tree, featuring ghosts and pumpkins, on the end table in the living room.

Still to come... a big batch of gingerbread skeletons {they're baked, now we just need to decorate them!}, seven glowing jack o'lanterns {only one carved so far~ I really have to get on that!} and a few festive spiders, ghosts, ghouls, bats, etc. to hang in the doorways and fancy up the place. We've got a preschool Halloween open house to look forward to, a pumpkin carving contest at school, and of course there's the trick-or-treating, too.

It's no wonder they're bouncing off the walls then, is it?


  1. Seven pumpkins to make into Jack-O'Lanterns? Wow! Hope there are lots of mini-chocolate bars around to give you the energy to do all that carving!

    Love all the Halloween arts & crafts! I think the witch is my favourite.

  2. I think half the fun of this holiday must be watching your kiddos get excited over the decorations! Love those little homemade ghosts!

  3. 7 pumplins! wow! agree with Lauryn - like those little homemade ghosts!

  4. you're carving all 7 pumpkins? oh dear, that is a lot of work! and i hope you'll post some pictures of the skeleton gingerbread. i'm picturing just a bunch of gingerbread sticks and a head. :)

  5. ha ha ha i love your halloween tree! such a fun idea!


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