Thursday, September 02, 2010

One week, across the world

One week ago, we spent the day:
  • shopping on Oxford Street
  • riding double-deckers
  • drinking tea at the Cafe in the Crypt
  • playing in Trafalgar Square, climbing on lions and making wishes in fountains
  • sitting in St James' Park, visiting with Nanny
  • getting drenched in the London rain
Today we will:
  • meet up with an old friend at the park~ the boys will play and we'll drink tea on a bench nearby
  • go for a walk round the lake and see if there are any blackberries left to be had {I hope we didn't miss our chance when we were in England. I'd love to make some blackberry scones}
  • label school supplies
  • mail a birthday parcel to ma meilleure amie
  • write some letters to our Irish cousins
  • choose some photos to have printed so we can start working on our England scrapbooks {more of those coming here in the next few days, too... just have to figure out how to organize them!}
  • soak up the late summer sun while we pick tomatoes in our garden

Both good days. But very different.

What were you doing a week ago? And what are you doing today?


  1. last week sounds so fun for you!! although, this week sounds pretty good too. :) i'm pretty sure my week last week and this week look exactly the same - wedding, wedding, wedding. i'm getting so sick of that word! but i'm getting increasingly excited for the actual event! weeee!

  2. A week ago I was smack dab in the middle of day one of my four day weekend! Today there is so much action and activity at work that I cannot believe it! But another four day weekend is coming up and I can't complain now can I? :)

  3. Soounds very very wonderful! I'm going to be celebrating my parent's 29th anniversary! So it's quite important this saturday :)



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