Monday, September 20, 2010

Meal Plan Monday {and I get uber-organized!}

On the menu this week:
  • Monday- vegetable/chickpea curry with basmati rice
  • Tuesday- Spanish omelette and salad (with cake for dessert at Meet the Teacher Night!)
  • Wednesday- pasta with chicken (and maybe I'll try making homemade bruschetta with tomatoes from our garden...)
  • Thursday- veggie burgers and home fries
  • Friday- maple glazed salmon, baby potatoes and broccoli
  • Saturday- spinach and ricotta canneloni with salad
I love having Mondays off. I can really wrap my head around the coming week, make plans and get myself organized. And when I'm organized, I always feel better. You?

It's not just meals that need organizing around here. I've been working on a few trouble spots, too. One of them being the dreaded "art cupboard." This is the place where all the arts and crafts supplies for the boys are kept. It was getting a bit out of hand.

So we dragged it all out of the cupboard and onto the floor! Then we sorted stuff. It took ages, but we got rid of a load of junk, and discovered all sorts of things we didn't even know we had (some really fantastic stickers, for instance!) And look what we ended up with...

A neat, tidy, organized art cupboard! Isn't it a thing of beauty? I love it. The boys are able to find exactly what they're looking for, when they're looking for it. And they know where things belong when it's time to clean up again. Everyone's happy.

The next "problem area" I plan to tackle is the spare room. I'm going to turn it into a pretty, workable office space. I'll be able to sit and relax, drink tea, and type up my Meal Plan Monday posts (among all my other ramblings!)

Stay tuned for progress reports! If I'm organized enough, maybe I'll get it done by Halloween? Naah, Christmas is probably more realistic. Small steps, right?


  1. mmmm! canneloni! yum!
    The art supplies cupboard looks great! Right now we only have a cardboard box under the bed; I miss our big cupboard at home where everything was handy!

  2. If you want I have a few closets and a few rooms to get organized in time for the baby... at the moment I don't have the energy, it just seems whenever the weekend comes around we have lots of other things to do. But I have till February, so sooner or later I guess I will manage!

  3. Your organizing looks like fun..
    And you are so amazing, I can't imagine preplanning my meals a week in advance.

  4. I'll be over Wednesday and Friday night for dinner ;)

    Dying to try your bruchetta!

  5. This is me bowing down in awe of your organizational skills. Way to go!

  6. Can I please come over for dinner? You're fantastic. I still need to map out my meal plan, though for the next few days I'll be all about ratatouille as I have a TON (and only me to eat it). And your craft cabinet is a sight of pure joy! I can't wait to see what you do with your spare room... For now, I'm vicariously organizing through you.

  7. Oh, I love the organized cabinet! I'm still all cluttered. harder...! : )

  8. I desperately want to be your dinner guest!! Everything on your list looks delicious!!! I have a spare room that I keep saying I'm going to decorate with all my seahorse collection and call it my "sea" room, but right now it's full of clutter. After you organize yours, will you come round and oragnize mine? :)


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