Sunday, September 19, 2010

Listening in, she seems lovely, "I was right, Mum!"

artwork by the talented Arnold Lobel

A sunny Sunday afternoon 3BT:

1. Watching Dylan and Alan stack wood in the shed and listening to them chat (about all sorts of things, including Frog and Toad- whom I love) as they work.

2. We have finally found a tenant for our suite, and (dare I say it?) she seems just lovely.

3. Sawyer really was (just barely!) big enough to go on the bumper cars. He was beaming from ear-to-ear...

Do you have three beautiful things you'd like to share on this September afternoon?


  1. You have a suite? Oh, how I wish I could be your tenant! I hope everything works out wonderfully with your new tenant.

    And I would share three beautiful things, but I can hardly think right now!

  2. Sorry lady, I was just exhausted yesterday, that's about all.

  3. oh i absolutely love that first one!!! ADORABLE!!!

    1.) movie date with my fiance-- "going the distance" with beautiful drew barrymore & one of my celeb crushes (and her real life boyfriend) justin long. We laughed and i cried. so good!

    2.) cajun french fries and hot sauce

    3.) THAT I HAVE TOMORROW OFF!!! yay!!!

    awesome about your tenant :) double yay! x


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