Friday, September 17, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

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Happy Friday, my dears! How about a drawer full of dahlias for the last Friday of the summer? I love the colour of autumn flowers, the rich reds and ambers...

It's my first full day in the grade 1 classroom today and I've got big plans. We're going to read, draw, print, paint, count, sing, play, and dance a bit, too. The theme is apples. I'm excited! And I just know I'm going to be exhausted by the time the bell rings at 2:45...

Hope to be back this weekend with some more London photos, and a bit about the fall fair, too. Sawyer is determined that this year, he'll be big enough to ride the bumper cars. I hope so, because if he's not, we're going to have one disappointed little boy on our hands (he has been waiting for this moment for an entire year!)

What have you got planned this weekend? Anything exciting? {Lovely Kim's picnic wedding is this weekend! If you have a chance, go visit her fabulous blog and wish her a wonderful day!}

E xo


  1. Beautiful flowers Erin...Thank You
    Hope you can relax and enjoy your weekend :-)

  2. These flowers are perfect for the start of autumn (or at least that autumn weather). And a whole day about apples? Lucky you! Can I come be your teacher's assistant for a day? I'll bring the apple pie! And I've got a good weekend planned -- get to meet a new friend, maybe do some apple picking (what can I say, you've inspired me), and relax a bit. Oh, and bake. Duh.


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