Monday, September 21, 2009

Scenes from our weekend (part two)

Sunday was super exciting for the boys. After breakfast, we told them to get their shoes and hats on because we were going somewhere for a special surprise. The only guesses they could come up with were the park and the lake. "Nope," we told them, "It's even better than that!" Imagine their delight when we pulled into the parking lot of the fairgrounds!

The big wheel! Hurray! We're on our way to the fair!

Our first stop was to see the farm animals. This cow startled Sawyer every time it mooed. "That cow moo so loud!" he told us.

It was a bit scary for him, so he held Daddy's hand. After a while, he thought the cow was kind of funny.

We had to stop at the historical tractor exhibit on our way to the midway. The boys were in tractor heaven, climbing up on pretty much every single one.

"I drivin' it!"

Umm, hello? Perfect photo opportunity for a certain little boy whose name begins with S!

Beep, beep! Out of the way, Mum!

Didn't matter how big the wheels, or how high the seat, he was finding his way up.

After the tractors, we checked out the agricultural museum. This is the front step of the "general store."

The fruit and veg exhibit had a Tasting Table. Sawyer cleaned them out of blackberries!

Nothing says fall like lots and lots of pumpkins! And do you like how I colour-coordinated Sawyer's outfit with the display?

Oh, how we laughed! Not enough room for the "er" in hamburger? And what does the pig have to do with anything?!

Our first ride was the carousel. Sawyer was so excited to go "up and down and round and round!"

Bumper cars! Dylan looooved them. Sawyer's little heart was broken that he wasn't big enough to go on this ride. When he finally calmed down and stopped shrieking, he was reassured to know that he'll likely be big enough next year.

Tiny train ride. It went about a mile an hour. The boys rode in the caboose (without Mum or Dad!) and they loved it.

Choo choo!

We ended the day with a visit from Kelly (hurrah!), down to pick up the windows for her new house in Forest Grove, way up north. We always love to have tea with Kelly, and some cuddles, of course.

What a wonderful weekend we had!
How was yours?


  1. Looks like fun. The Luxton Fair?
    Your kids must think every weekend there will be some great adventure, seems like you are always up to something, good for you!

  2. Oh, how fun! There's nothing quite like a little visit to the boys must adore you!

    And...I love that weird "hamburg" poster. Whoever was on the "marketing/artwork" team definitely failed on that one! :)


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