Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An elephant sat on you

As Dylan begins kindergarten, and I go back to teaching primary, I'm finding myself having vivid memories of my earliest school days. I can so clearly recall standing on the steps of my elementary school, hair in braids, lunch box in hand, waving good-bye to my mom (tears streaming down my cheeks... I was not a kid who was excited about starting school, believe me!) I can picture the kindergarten classroom in great detail, where the rocking chair sat, the art work on the walls, the salty mell of the homemade playdough, and the sweet sounds of Raffi in the air! Do you know Raffi? Here in Canada he is the king of children's music, and has been for 30 something years... (he's also an amazing humanitarian, fabulous public speaker and an advocate for peace and a "sustainable, child-friendly world") He sang Baby Beluga and Robin in the Rain and Down By the Bay. Classics! Have a listen to one of Dylan and Sawyer's favourites:

Willoughby wallaby wummy, an elephant sat on Mummy,
Willoughby wallaby wad, an elephant sat on Dad!

Hilarious. And just one of the songs from the soundtrack of my childhood.

What takes you back to kindergarten? Are there any songs that you remember singing way back when? And what did you love best about being in school? I'm always keen to try something new, or something old that worked really well, so please do share.

Tea time. Good-night, my lovelies.


  1. I know that Baby Beluga song! Oddly, there are really only three things I vividly remember about kindergarten. First, my best friend Becky used to turn every cupcake she got for anyone's birthday upside down on her desk and smash it (she didn't like cake). Second, she and I used to chase the cute boys around the room in this wheelbarrow thing during play time. Third, my mother invented crazy passcodes I had to memorize; if she wasn't there to pick me up, someone with a passcode would be. Typically that someone was my grandmother or aunt and I thought it was silly for them to need passcodes at all.

  2. oh yay! i loved baby beluga and down by the sea! i also loved all the colors of kindergarten and i remember our cafeteria really well for some reason. i also remember arguing with my teacher about the fact that there were lots of different possibilities to how the world started, not just the big bang as she was teaching. poor woman! even at 6 i was annoyingly open-minded. :)

    and no your guest post is not too long at all! i loved every part of it!


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