Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guest Post: Rhianne's tour of Berlin

Please welcome fab photographer Rhianne as my guest poster today! And be sure to visit her lovely British blog, too...


My favourite Holiday...

Hi Pughs' News readers! It's Rhianne here from For the easily distracted... and I'm hugely excited to be here in Erin's little blog world, especially as she is over here visiting England!

It took me a while to think of my favourite holiday destination but I finally settled on a University trip where we went to Berlin.

As students of interior design, our main goal was to see the amazing architecture which was defined by the cities history and still evident divide between the two sides of the city. However I was most captivated by the more prominent history of the city - the Berlin Wall, the parliament building, the cultural history and the fasinating design of the cemetaries and museums.

Despite the cold, my favourite place that we visited was Berlin Zoo, especially as I finally got to see one of my favourite animals - an elephant!

I absolutely loved visiting Berlin and I would definitely recommend it as a city to visit! I can't wait to hear about Erin's adventures from England and I hope you've enjoyed my vacation post as much as I've enjoyed writing it and remembering the great time I had there.


  1. I would LOVE to go to Berlin one day. I have received a postcard from there through postcrossing and it's one of my favourites. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics and experience!

  2. Ahh looks amazing! I would definitely want to go there to check out the architecture. Lovely post Rhianne. x

  3. oh wow! i've always wanted to visit germany. i even took two years of german in high school hoping to prepare myself for it. but alas, no trip was ever made... yet! :)

  4. berlin seems so chic doesn't it? and i love that one of your favourite places was the zoo-- I LOVE going to zoo's! :) cute.



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