Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Post: Brandi's take on it

Hello, readers of Pughs' News! My name is Brandi and I write a blog called Not Your Average Ordinary. Erin asked me to stop by while she’s off in England, and I’m so happy I did – I always like meeting and connecting with new people.

Years ago, when I was commuting to and from New York City, I wrote in one of these religiously every day. I filled it with simple but beautiful words that came to mind. I poured hopes and dreams into it, hoping they’d find a way to escape into the world and be made real. I often imagined traveling to far off places that I’d never seen, places I had read about or seen in books. I think it’s as important to daydream like this as it is to really plan these trips.

Some days I prefer to sit outdoors in the hot summer air and write. On others, the cool, dark seclusion of the indoors.

I find a lot of answers in simple photographs like this wheat field. Where I want it to lead, what lies beyond it in my mind… If I can feel the breeze, and imagine walking through it, I suddenly know the next vacation I need to take: to the ocean. Somewhere less populated than the Jersey shore, someplace where large fields open onto cliffs. Perhaps I’m dreaming of England.

The real key, for me, is that every day should end in a meal people gather around. When I’m home, I usually know everyone, but perhaps far from home, I'd have the chance to sit with strangers, hear their stories, make new friends. Have you ever had that experience?

{all photos by photographer Ditte Isager, via Edge Reps}


Thanks so much to Brandi for sharing her travel dreams with us! Be sure to visit her lovely blog, Not Your Average Ordinary, and say hello...


  1. those photos are beautiful! and i agree - little imaginary vacations are so important. i think i need a retreat today in fact!

  2. I have one of those journals as well! It really served as therapy for me during a difficult time in my life and was so thankful to have it. It literally saved me. I am constantly imagining being back in London (Erin you lucky girl you!!! You don't have to imagine - you really are there!!!) or daydreaming about something. And you're right - it's important to escape like that ;) Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!

  3. lovely! Brandi has that great ability of bringing people together. She has the kind of good energy that people gravitate towards her and with her delicious baked goods she is a natural born hostess...

  4. fantastic post. i adore how brandi embodies the spirit of dreaming with your eyes open. we should all do that more often.


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