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Guest Post: Krysten's Honeymoon cruise

Today's guest post comes to us from the lovely Krysten at After I Do...


When Erin approached me about doing a guest blog while she’s on vacation I was really excited and knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

Back in January of 2009 my husband and I went on our honeymoon. We were married in September 2008 but opted to put our honeymoon off which ended up being GREAT because it gave us something to look forward to.

Our honeymoon was a Carnival Cruise and the ports that we went to were Montego Bay in Jamaica, Grand Cayman in the Caymen Islands and Cozumel in Mexico. The exciting thing about this is that it was our first big vacation together since being a couple and we were both excited to be going somewhere where we had no internet access (the internet on cruise ships is EXPENSIVE) and no phone access. We could truly get away from it all.

Our Cruise ship, the Carnival Conquest

For those that have never been on a cruise, they truly are a great way to vacation because there is SO MUCH to do on the boat and you also get to visit multiple ports, giving you a way to get a feel for different places.

For the days that we were at sea, the hubby and I spent our time out at the pool. We lounged in the sun reading books and listening to music and eating some of the amazing food that our ship at to offer. In the evening, we dined in the BEAUTIFUL dining room and ate till we couldn’t eat anymore. One of the best things about cruising is how ridiculously good the food is - and it’s all free. Free dessert? Oh yes, give me more than one! At night there are a huge variety of shows from magic shoes, comedians, dance shoes, karaoke, etc. There are so many gorgeous rooms on a cruise ship that no matter where you go you feel like you’re this incredibly ritzy person living an incredibly ritzy life. For newlyweds, it was a dream. I loved being able to spend my time holding hands with my husband while watching the shows and just enjoying our time being totally together.

In our room with one of our towel animals

As for the ports, oh man. I will say that Montego Bay, Jamaica was our favorite. Dustin has been to Jamaica multiple times and it was the first time for me so we were both very excited. We road in a bus with the craziest bus driver I have ever met (which I didn’t think was possible after some of the buses I took when on vacation in Cancun, Mexico), we did some shopping and met some awesome locals, Dustin was offered weed on more than one occasion (yet I was not, hmm, curious if I have a certain look about me?) and we finally ended up at Margaritaville.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Now, if you’ve never been to Margaritaville it’s an interesting sort of place and each Margaritaville has its own personality. The one in Montego Bay is definitely my favorite. We had this cute little band play a love song for us, I had the strongest dacqaurie EVER, we swam in the ocean and jumped on a water trampoline (yes, at the restaurant) and then we danced when the DJ came on.

I will say that Montego Bay was my very favorite port and that one day makes me want to go back to Jamaica so badly!

At Fat Tuesday’s in Cozumel, Mexico overlooking the ocean and cruise ships

The reason that this vacation is the favorite that I’ve ever been on definitely had to do with my company. I think that Dustin and I could have been holed up in an old motel and we still would have had fun. However, being able to be on this trip with my wonderful, amazing husband while experiencing the wonderful warm sun, the amazing ports and the even more amazing food is definitely something I can’t wait to do again. Definitely my favorite vacation thus far.


Thanks, Krysten! I've never been on a cruise, but I think you've convinced me to give it a try one day. If only I didn't get so motion-sick...


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I always say that although I enjoyed my wedding one wedding day was enough, but I'd take a thousand honeymoons.

  2. Thanks so much for having me Erin! You should totally take a cruise sometime, they have FANTASTIC things for motion sickness these days!

  3. Looks like you had quite the romantic evening with your towel animals hahahaha love that picture :)

    Jamaican bus drivers are crazier than Cancun bus drivers? I'm scared...

  4. Looks like so much fun! I've been on two cruises, one to Alaska and another on to the Caribbean. My favorite part was the towel animals :)

  5. Sounds like such a fun time!!

  6. me too! one day i hope to go on a cruise... max has said that's on our list ;) i love the pic with the towel animals! lol

  7. What a fun honeymoon! Jason and I just cruised with Carnival earlier this year and went to Cozumel and Grand Cayman as well! I've been dreaming about the Caribbean ever since!


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