Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest Post: Gracie in the Philippines

Today's guest poster is adorable Gracie from Queensland, Australia!


Hi this is Gracie from Gracie Bella Butterfly. The lovely Erin asked if I could write about my favourite vacation spot while she is off enjoying herself in England.

As a child we didn't really go away for holidays much. We did go down to Sydney occasionally but we didn't do away much besides that. I think it's because my parents wanted to take us to the Philippines every few years. It's one of my favourite places to go visit. I have a lot of family still living there so it's wonderful to be able to see all my cousins, aunts and uncles.

Me (in pinky top), my mum next to me and a few cousins, aunties and my grandpa.

I went on my first trip just before I turned one, but I had my first birthday there too. Since then I have been back five times and have loved each trip.

Me and my brothers on my first trip.

One of the volcanoes.

I get to be immersed in the culture and I get to know the history of the Philippines. My last trip was even more special because Jason (my hubby) was able to come with me and my parents (though he wasn't my hubby yet). I loved that I was able to share this part of my life and heritage with him. Plus the shopping and food are great!!

Jason and me at a floating restaurant

I'm so thankful that my parents gave us the opportunity to visit the Philippines several times. I'm looking forward to the day when Jason and I can bring our future children there.
Thanks for letting me guest post Erin. I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip!


Gracie is gorgeous. She writes a lovely blog about her life as a newlywed in Australia, and includes lots of wonderful posts about books and stationery and lots of other things I love. Go visit her. You'll be smiling for sure!


  1. As you know Micaela and I are half Filipino and I was so excited to read about your trips to the Philippines and all the lovely photos!!!! We started kindergarten there and evacuated when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. We have not been back since. I miss it so much because so much of my mom's family still lives there including my Lola (grandmother). The last time my mom got to go home was in 2001 and I can't imagine how much she misses it. I'm so glad you and your family have been able to go back several times! Thanks for sharing Gracie :)

  2. This was such a wonderful post, it was lovely to learn more about you and where your family is from.

  3. Aww thanks Erin for letting me share :)

    And thanks so much for the comments! I really do love going to the Philippines. It's such a great place to visit.

  4. as you know (and from my twinkie's comment) we dream of going back to the Philippines so i think it's incredibly special that your husband (before he was your husband) got to share in that part of your family and heritage (and GREAT food like you mentioned!)

    i will never forget when my momma got to go home for the first time-- i had just started working when i was 16 as a waitress and being able to contribute for a surprise ticket with the rest of my siblings... AMAZING and unforgettable! her scream of joy and tears :) priceless!

    i miss the Philippines and growing up there... it's a part of my childhood i'll never forget.

    ps. LOVE the photo of you with your shorter hair! x

  5. Great post and great photos. Thanks!


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