Monday, August 30, 2010

A little help from my blogging friends

I am a real fan of saying thank you. A little love goes a long way, I say. And so, I couldn't just come home and jump back into blogging without saying a great big thank you to all my guest posters over the month of August. I loved reading about your favourite holidays while I was away on mine, and I know my readers did, too. And so... Megan, Kelly, Rhianne, Krysten, Lauryn, Micaela, Cassie, Kimbirdy, Brandi, and Gracie- thanks so very much!

You girls rock!


  1. No problem and welcome back!! I'm glad you were still able to meet Cassie :) even though you're weekend didn't happen.

    I'm sure you had the best time! x

  2. So glad your back safely and had an amazing time! It was an absolute pleasure to guest post for you!

  3. You rock, Erin. So glad you're back and thank you for letting me share my words on your beautiful blog.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity Erin! :) Glad you're home safe!

  5. SO happy to do it erin! anytime!


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