Tuesday, August 31, 2010

En route

{5 days ago, on the top deck of a double-decker, Piccadilly Circus}

... to somewhere else completely. Have gone from holiday mode to home life, and it's thrown me for a loop. The jetlag is killing me (oh look, it's 4 a.m. and I'm awake again). It's been difficult trying to get back into a routine because it's sort of an in-between time right now. School starts in 6 days. It's pouring rain (thanks a lot, English weather, for following us home to Canada) and summer feels as though it's come to an end rather abruptly. I have preschool to get organized (it's a co-op and I'm the vice-president), school supplies to buy and lessons to plan for some grade or other (would someone please tell me what I'm going to be teaching?!) Oh yeah, and I should be training for a 5k run, too! There is so much to do, and all I want to do is sleep... I hope this feeling passes. And fast. I am happy to be home, but don't quite feel like myself yet. Any advice for leaping headlong, and happily, into September?


  1. Oh, goodness...I feel you on this one! I had to return to work today, and it was a complete and total bummer.

    My prescription for today: One soy Chai Latte. And a weighty handful of cookies.

    Best of luck on adapting to normal life. :)

    P.S. So funny to hear that you and Cassie thought of me, as I'd been thinking of you two while I was in Ireland, knowing that you were both closer than ever! :)

  2. oh jet lag is awful! i can't remember what i did after coming home from england... i probably blocked it out of my memory because it was horrible. :) are your boys handling it any better or do you have a whole house full of awake people at 4am?

    i say find little things to make you happy during the grumpiness. :) and if you find something that works well let me know, i'll be in the same jet lag boat in a month.

  3. Oh my golly! You do have so much on your plate and I'm sure that jet lag doesn't help at all. Good luck getting everything crossed off your to-do list and returning to normal life again.

  4. I can't imagine how tough it must be to go away for so many days and then be thrown back into the craziness of Fall! That picture is tres, tres cute though :)

  5. funny how september alwys feels just like...september no mater what age or life stage you are in.

    i love that photo!


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