Sunday, August 22, 2010

A few of the best bits so far

We have been here for a little over two weeks. The time is flying by and we are always busy going somewhere and doing something exciting. We've been to Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street, Kensington Gardens and Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery (oh the Monets! the Van Goghs!) and Covent Garden. We have shopped and toured and ridden a million trains. I am exhausted! Tonight we've just been relaxing as the boys have drifted off to sleep and I've been thinking how much I'd like it if Wendy and Paddy and their kids were still here. We'd have had so much fun in the Travelodge all together! Still, we made the very most of the three days we had back when we first arrived in London.

Here we all are at Victoria Train Station. Hurrah! All the cousins together in one fab photo!
Wendy and I drying out in County Hall, after a long, windy and wet open-top bus tour of London...
Alan and our little niece Amelia.
Amelia and me, before the skies opened up!
Amelia with our boys at Knebworth House Gardens. Who knew there'd be woolly mammoths roaming the grounds?
Amelia and Sawyer were fast friends.

Mmmm! 99s...
Alan, Eoghan and baby Joe.
Eoghan, Fergal (my lovely godson!) and Dylan in the dinosaur section at Knebworth. I was so pleased at how well the boys all got along. They were friends almost instantly.
We all scream for ice cream!
There are a thousand more photos where these came from. I'll be posting loads (get ready for more than one historic site shot!) once I'm home and settled back into a regular routine. But for now, hope you've enjoyed these. We really had a wonderful time reuniting with Alan's sister and her family. 6 kids + 4 adults + 3 jam-packed days = more noise and fun than you could possibly imagine! I hope next time they'll come to us. And after that, we'll spend a summer together in the south of France...


  1. fab pics erin! thanks for sharing, will be printing them for the album

  2. It looks like you've been having a splendid time on vacation, though I think you might need a little vacation when you get home to recover! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!


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