Monday, August 23, 2010

Big kid, cozy cafe, when you put it that way

{we love Trafalgar Square!}

A rainy Monday night 3BT from London:

1. Dylan sat by himself on the tube today (with me hovering a few seats away). He was so proud of himself for being so independent. And as the train pulled into Westminster station, he stood up all casual. So cute. It was a big step for him. And an even bigger one for me...

2. It started to pour with rain just as we passed my favourite little Regent's Park cafe on our way to the zoo today. We dashed in for hot soup and rolls. Soooo good, and such good timing. And would you believe our luck? The tea is free on Mondays!

3. The boys aren't ready to go home. They love it here. But when I reminded them that Grandma would be picking us up from the ferry on Saturday, their eyes lit up. "Do you promise?" Dylan asked. "Because that would make me very happy." Sawyer just smiled and clapped his hands. See you soon, Mom!

It's way too late, and I am even more tired than usual, so I'm off to bed before most of you are even heading home from work on the other side of the world! Good-night, dear friends. Sweet dreams...



  1. you are sooo stinkin cute! and your whole family! this 3BT made my heart smile. :)

    i love it i love it i love it!
    as much as i LOVED your postcard from london and the mention of a TX restaurant near a Canada one ;)


  2. I love that he sat by himelf on the tube!! :) Hurray!

    I'm loving your london updates :)

  3. Way to go Dylan, riding the tube by yourself(ish)! (Even bigger props to mom for being brave enough to let him!)

  4. Aww :) Your boys are just so sweet. I can't wait to hear more about your London adventures!

  5. oh erin! your trip sounds/looks amazing! i'm so excited you got to go, even though we miss you here in blogland. :) and after reading your last post, i've been singing the zoo song all morning (it makes really great wedding planning music.)

    hope the rest of your trip is even more amazing and doesn't go by too fast.

  6. I just found your blog through Fill Your Well. Ironically I had just written a post reminiscing about Britain and here you are in London! Brilliant. Looks like a great time and I look forward to seeing more photos. :) Your boys are just darling!


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