Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday {leaving on a jet plane}

Seems like everyone is doing a Wish List Wednesday today, so thought I'd join in. As I may have mentioned, we're off to England in 16 days! My wishlist, therefore, is all about the travelling. I went browsing through etsy (ooh, that can be dangerous!) and here are a few lovely little items I found...

First, how's this for a gorgeous luggage tag? I love the colours and that fox is oh-so-English, and completely adorable. It would make finding your suitcase a lot easier too, with this baby attached to it!

Next up, I discovered Downstairs Designs. She is selling some seriously pretty stuff! Check out the "in touch clutch"... don't you want one? I had a terrible time choosing my favourite fabric, but I think for this trip, I'd go with this classic design. Grey, with shades of blue and aqua.

I love the pockets for your passport, postcards, stamps, even a pen. This is a must have for moi!

I definitely think I need a new journal for this trip. I love this one made from old maps of England and Ireland. Perfect for recording all our UK adventures! I could paste in ticket stubs, travel cards, photos, and write down all the wonderful things we've done.
So I think it's safe to say that I'm officially excited now! Can't wait to be packed and boarding that plane! London, here we come...

What's on your wishlist this Wednesday?


  1. Ooh, I love that journal of maps! What a perfect way to scrapbook a trip!

  2. i just loved seeing your wish list! esp. because it has to do with something i'm excited for you about! :) i LOVE the journal too! and think it would be a wonderful way to remember your trip.

    London, get ready for the Pughs!!! ;)


  3. What's on my wish list? Eh... just some extra money would be nice, lol.

  4. The luggage tag is so cute! And it has an orange cat on it which makes me love it even more. Great picks for your list, Erin.

  5. I find these Wednesday wishlists rather therapeutic to write! Love yours this week too, I think that journal would be just perfect for your trip.



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