Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marta Writes (really well)

There's a new "how-to" series over on one of my very favourite blogs, Marta Writes, and it is fantastic. Have you seen it? The past week or so has featured tips on road-tripping in style, going on vacation (abroad or at home!), preparing healthy snacks, assembling a pretty care package, and (my personal favourite) how to send an ice cream party in a box! Awesome. How much would you love to receive that in the mail? I know my boys would be over the moon if the postman rang the doorbell and handed us that parcel!

If you haven't visited Marta's blog before, you really should. She writes beautifully about all sorts of things, takes amazing photos, and has absolutely impeccable taste. You'll love her.

photos and ice cream in the mail by melanie of you are my fave (another one of my faves, actually!)


  1. Oh I really like the sound of this blog. Will check it out.

  2. so glad you shared this site... how have i never heard of it??

    also... i'm loving your little snippets about your big trip across the pond. i'm so excited for you! and your mummy and dylan date is adorable! how are you guys so cute?!?

  3. I like what I see so far! Heading over there now.

  4. I can just imagine those boys faces if they opened a box with that gift inside!!


  5. oh my goodness, thanks so much for the introduction to this WONDERFUL little place. i haven't even read all those interesting and neat posts, but am adding them to my list for the rest of the day. :] so, so excited to find out all the tidbits of sending an ice cream party in a box! <3 have you tried out any of those how-to's yet?
    - L


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