Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday coffee date

Come join us for a coffee date over at Dolce Vita! Micaela hosted a virtual get-together, and it's so much fun to see so many blogging friends all in one place... and all of us with a hot bevvy in hand! M's calling it a coffee date, but it's okay if you want to drink tea. I did!


  1. Wasnt this so much fun? Great idea!

  2. how fun! i think i missed it. thanks for coming by and for your comment! i really appreciate it!

  3. Oh dear, that sounds like so much fun! I wish I had known about it!

  4. I just LOVED your pictures!!! :) and thank you for playing along! wouldn't it be a fun coffee (for me) tea (for you) date!? oh someday you'll take me to Dolce Vita there, i just know it!

    let me know when you want to skype! :)


  5. I completely forgot about it :( doh! Love your photos though! x

  6. Found you through the coffee date, although I missed the date... I even enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee for said date. Have a lovely trip!!!

  7. the coffee date was lovely. so excited that it'll most likely be a monthly thing. :]
    - L


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