Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bit more about me

My lovely friend Cassie tagged me a while ago to answer a few fun questions, and finally, here they are!

1. What books are you reading right now? Currently I'm reading a book called Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner. I'm almost finished. Next up is The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte (not actually her secret diaries, but a novel based on lots of research). I'm also reading a great London travel guide, geared towards parents of young kids. It's given me some great ideas about places to visit (9 days till take-off!)

2. What is your all-time favourite film and why? Without question, my favourite film is It's a Wonderful Life. Growing up, we would watch it every Christmas on PBS. When I was a teenager, my mom got me a boxed set with the video and photo stills and a fabulous old movie poster. I think that was the best gift I ever got for Christmas, ever. From the first time I ever saw George Bailey leaping for joy on that bridge in the snow, I have loved that film. It makes me cry the happiest tears. Every. Single. Time. I know I'm a sentimental fool, but I am just so touched by the movie's message about the importance of friends and family, and the impact we all have on one another's lives. And I adore Jimmy Stewart.

3. Which is your favourite room in your house and what makes it special? Tough call. Each room in my house has things about it that I want to change. Our home is a fixer-upper and it's really coming along nicely, but I have never been good at ignoring the things that still need to be done (note to self: must work on that!) That aside, I think my favourite room is the living room, especially on a winter evening when there's a fire roaring in the woodstove, and the lamps are casting a warm glow around the room. It's a cozy spot, and I like to sit here with my tea, reading my book and relaxing.

4. Tell us about a childhood holiday you loved. Every year when I was a kid, we'd go camping in the summer. For almost the entire summer. No joke, we'd camp for 4 and 5 and 6 weeks at a time. It was fabulous! We'd go to the same campground, up in the woods on Cowichan Lake. We had our favourite site, the one right by the lake, and we'd stake it out for days until its current residents packed up and left, and then we'd move in, with tents and trailers and tarps and bikes and boats and everything else you can think of! I can remember so clearly playing Yahtzee at the picnic table, roasting marshmallows around the fire, reading stacks of Archie comics on the beach, swimming by the shore, canoeing out to the islands, traipsing through the forest and building secret forts with friends. Those summers at Caycuse are some of my happiest and most vivid childhood memories.

5. What's the one place you really want to visit that you haven't been to before? Paris. Why have I still not been to Paris? It's ridiculous. I have been to London a million times. And most of those times were pre-children! Back when I had all the time in the world, and plenty of money in my pocket. One summer, Em and I were actually both living in London. We could have hopped on the Eurostar any day that summer and been in Paris a few hours later! Le sigh...

6. What's your favourite go-to comfort food? Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with tea. Fortunately, I haven't often got a fresh baked batch of chocolate chip cookies on my kitchen counter. Otherwise, we'd have a problem!

7. What is something fun/inspiring you've seen online lately that you'd like to share? I've really been enjoying the Seattle-based blog, A Day that is Dessert. It's written by Lecia, who takes the loveliest photos of her daily life. I like looking at all the pictures of the beautiful Pacific northwest, practically on my doorstep, and reading about her two boys (older than mine, but I know we'll be there soon enough, and I like to get ideas about fun things to do together...I also enjoy seeing the two brothers getting along so well- they're fairly close in age like my two, so it gives me hope!) Go take a peek at this post. You'll like what you see.

I'm not going to tag anybody right now. I know you're all busy enjoying your summer (and winter, for those of you in Australia!) but if you feel like answering any of these questions yourself in the comments (or on your own blogs), please do! I love to learn more about the people who are visiting my little corner of the blogosphere...


  1. you are just beautiful! i really do love the new hair cut! and your coffee date pics were TOO ADORABLE! i can't wait to show them off ;)

    It's been forever since I've read a Jennifer Weiner... i loved her "Good in Bed" and "In her shoes." The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte- you'll have to tell me how that one is please!!!

    you'll get to Paris one day soon, i just know it!

    and YES, let's skype before you're off on your London adventure! xoxo

  2. That "Secret Diaries" sounds intriguing. Something else to add to my already overflowing TBR pile!

  3. I agree with Susan on the book.
    Also, Lecia's blog is one of my very favourites. I've read almost all her posts from her archives!

  4. even though i've always been meaning to watch it and i get a
    'oh my...what?!' every time i mention this; but i've never seen 'it's a wonderful life'. yep. you know what, i think i'll go and add that to my netflix queue right now! your little review completely inspired me to. :]

    mmmmmm..fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. yum. <3

    sometime next week, i think i'll be doing this. thanks for (kind of, hehe) tagging me!
    - L
    - L


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