Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tumblr Tuesday {red like a watermelon}

Hello friends, and happy Tuesday! Tumblr Tuesday is back! I've been indulging in a lot of watermelon lately (it's the quintessential summer fruit, don't you think?) and loving its luscious red colour. So today's collection of Tumblr photos are all about the red. Are you ready? Here goes...

I love this little girl in her red gingham dress. And I think my mom will agree when I say that little girl looks an awful lot like I did at that age!

Ooh la la! How I long to be spending a summer afternoon on one of these red and white loungers! The pool boy can bring me cold glasses of iced tea at regular intervals...

Mmmm, strawberries, another summer favourite. We like to eat ours with vanilla ice cream, or to dunk them in a bowl of whipped cream. Heavenly.

How much would I love to have a house with a window seat? So much. Especially if it's as pretty as this red and white one.

I love this kitchen, and the splashes of red are fantastic. Click on the photo to take a closer look. Notice the motto on the tea towel? Clearly it's meant to be!

I'd like to throw a summertime ice cream & lemonade party, with red and blue bunting. Who wants to come?

I could spend all day in bed if it looked like this, couldn't you?

Love. These. Shoes.

Finally, a patch of grass, some cozy cushions, and a good book. The perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

I hope you've enjoyed all the reds I chose today. Come on over to my tumblr blog, J'adore, to see some more, and be sure to pop over to my lovely friend Cassie's blog Hydrangeas and White Daisies to say hello and admire her pretty pictures too!

Hope your Tuesday is terrific,
E xo


  1. Absolutely LOVE this cheery Tumblr Tuesday Erin! Such gorgeous images that I too have been reblogging myself!

    Thanks for the mention too.


  2. Happy to see you are getting into the habit of including a pool boy into your daydreams.... I'll join you in one of those red & white loungers for sure :) I may even bring along a pair of those red shoes just for fun!!

  3. What a wonderful collection of images! I love red.
    Is it my idea or are these loungers really calling my name?


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