Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tumblr Tuesday {quench your thirst!}

Finally, it feels like summer! The sun is shining and today (and, I'm told, the rest of the week) it is going to be hot. Hallelujah! So for today's Tumblr Tuesday theme, I think cold drinks are in order. They have to be icy and refreshing, and of course, they have to be pretty... What do you think of these? I'm pretty sure they'd hit the spot!

Mint and lime iced green tea. Yum!

A fruity drink buffet I'd get in line for.

I love the vibrant colour of these. Gorgeous! And how about that tin bucket?

Something nice to wake up to...

Lemonade that's pretty in pink.

How fabulous is this? Imagine it at a summer wedding! So fun. I love the barrels.

Classic lemonade, in a mason jar. J'adore!

Well? Are you thirsty yet? I am. And I think it might be time to brew up a pretty jug of iced tea to enjoy this afternoon.

Pop by Cassie's blog to say hi, won't you? Tumblr Tuesday was her clever idea.


  1. Set me up with a large glas of the mint and lime green iced tea, won't you? Oh! And have it delivered by the pool boy xo

  2. Holy gorgeousness! This post has sealed my decision to have a picnic and lemonade themed reception...the barrels transformed to a table? To die for!!!

    Thanks for the beauty!

  3. The table set up on top of the barrels is wonderful. I'd love to put together a little scene like that, though I might need some advice about what to serve -- I don't know much about things like that.

  4. So glad you posted this! I love cute ideas for serving drinks, especially the pink lemonade in those fun bottles.

    Ps. I adore Cassie's tumblr tuesdays posts, too :)

  5. I love all the pretty drinks pictures on Tumblr and you have chosen some beauties here.

    I love all the different containers - so pretty. Thanks for mentioning my little corner too dear.


  6. Now I AM thirsty. *runs off to find lemonade*

    VW: undri - when something is wet



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