Monday, July 05, 2010

Much Love Monday

Idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do anything. ~Floyd Dell

So I've never heard of this Floyd Dell guy, but I love this quote of his! And it totally sums up the first Monday of summer vacation. I had no plans for today. I did all my grocery shopping on the weekend, my laundry is mostly all caught up on, and I was going to just see where the day took us. That's what you do when you're on holidays, right?

Well, so far it's taken us great places! I've had two fun video calls (Skype is awesome, isn't it?) with my friends Cassie in England and Michelle in Zurich. Jess popped by for tea, and we spent a couple of hours chatting away while the boys built a huge fort in the bedroom with her little girls. I've found some well-priced train tickets to Suffolk, marinated the chicken for dinner, read a stack of fun mail, and booked a hair appointment for later in the week (I'm getting a cut and a relaxer! super excited at the thought of not needing to straighten my hair every morning, and of having actual bangs again!) I've checked the weather forecast and I'm thrilled to report that it looks glorious! Starting tomorrow it's set to be sunny and hot (between 25 and 30 degrees celsius!), straight through until Sunday. A fantastic day so far, wouldn't you say?

Next up, we're heading outside to enjoy the sun as it comes out from behind the clouds. The boys have a muddy river they've made out back with the hose, and they're keen to sail their boats on it. Meanwhile, I'll sit in the lawn chair, read my book and write a letter or two. Then we'll go for a walk and come back home to barbeque the chicken and corn on the cob and make a salad (after we've picked some herbs and greens from the garden). It'll be an early night for the boys, since they've missed their nap, and that's fine by me! More time to go for a run and then come home to watch Glee and eat popcorn.

I don't think I could have planned it much better if I'd tried!

Hoping you're enjoying much love this Monday. How was your weekend?

image via mrs amber apple


  1. The perfect start and i hope the model for days to come. it all sounds perfect. Enjoy!
    I no longer have set times for vacations etc, being retired, but the beautiful weather here at the moment has caused me to invent 'recharging'. This is a day or week when the sun shines and you do nothing but recharge your batteries. Lets face it the work will still be there tomorrow and life is for living not wishing we had.
    Happy Summer to you,
    Jenny x

  2. That sounds like such a perfect day. Days with no plans often happen to be the best.

  3. That sounds so wonderful! I hope you have more lovely summer days and make the most of your vacation! Unplanned days are sometimes the best.

  4. That quote is wonderful! So true. It sounds like you had a blissful Monday! I had the weekend off and now I'm DREADING going back to work! :(

  5. You really know how to rock a restful summers day dear! If yours day are this peaceful and lovely now at the beginning of the holidays just imagine how relaxed you will be by the end!

    Lovely to be a part of your wonderful Monday - those boys sure make Skype chats super cute!


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