Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

I am in love with this cute little cottage, its gorgeous garden, its quaint porch and its woodsy surroundings. I want to spend Saturday morning right there, in that green chair! I'll drink my cup of tea, listen to the birdsong, feel the sun on my face, and wait for the boys to wake up, while Alan makes us crepes with fresh berries and cream.

Aaaah, I do love my Saturday morning daydreams! (so preferable to what's actually happening right now... I sit bleary-eyed on the couch, Alan slumbers on and the boys whine and argue over who gets which cup for their apple juice... sigh... and yawn!)


  1. I am afraid I have to agree and say your daydream sure sounds the preferable option!

    What a gorgeous little spot.


  2. Oh, I so wish this had been my Saturday morning...lets find this place and all retreat to it ASAP! :)

    I saw this today, and immediately thought of you. I know you loved the original Old Spice commercial...and this knock off made me think of you, since you love books and work in the library:

    Enjoy :) Happy weekend!

  3. i really, really love this post; feeling the exact same way as you on weekend mornings. there's just something about SATURDAY and SUNDAY that makes you relax more, daydream more and acutally, think about cottages off in a land where everything is just simple and right. or is that just me..? haha
    - L


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