Sunday, June 06, 2010

Waffles, chit-chat, the sunflowers

My lovely lazy Sunday 3BT:

1. Chocolate waffles for breakfast. With whipped cream and berries.

2. A lovely long phone call with Em. I laid on the couch in my nightie, drank tea, and chatted with her for well over an hour... Good thing I turned off the mixer just long enough to hear the phone ring!

3. Last night's episode of Doctor Who was fantastic. The Doctor and Amy went to France and met Vincent Van Gogh! It was fab, Vincent painted the sunflowers, and I cried. All in all, an excellent way to spend a Saturday night.

Do you have three beautiful things to share this Sunday? Do tell.


  1. 1} neighborhood children plus mine all playing in the sprinklers on this most BEAUTIFUL day.

    2} juicy, sweet watermelon--it's almost gone!

    3} taking time to read blog friends :)

  2. My beautiful family
    My beautiful life
    and...the beautiful bowl of Englsh strawberries topped with ice cream and warm chocolate sauce I devoured at tea time..

  3. Oh, the waffles sound amazing.
    Three things for me on Sunday were;
    1. Having my mum here to visit
    2. Having chocolate tarts for dinner
    3. Getting the Mimco wallet I have been lusting over as a pressie from Mum and Brendan

  4. My 3BT for yesterday evening:

    1/ PB&J for dinner. (And no anti-Skippy husband around to make gagging noises at me!)

    2/ Watching one old episode of Sex & The City after another.

    3/ A lovely chat with lovely you.

    The only thing that would have made things even better is if I'd been able to come by for one of those chocolate waffles! xoxo

  5. Mine for yesterday were:
    1) Working my bottom off but seeing wonderful results outside!
    2) An amazing and much needed summer thunderstorm in the evening.
    3) The last in the series of an incredible nature programme I have just adored.

    Chocolate waffles - yum, yum xx


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