Sunday, June 06, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 7 {downtown}

On Friday, the boys and I went downtown after preschool. After a visit with Jess and Lauren, and my appointment with the gall bladder surgeon (more on that some other time), we headed down to the museum and then to play on the lawn of the legislature. The weather (finally!) was gorgeous. Check out that blue sky!

Dylan, just about to jump for joy!

Sawyer's idea of a cuddle apparently involves fish-hooking his brother! (and just as an aside, because I noticed my squint: I still can't find my sunglasses!!! not good... I think it's time to accept that they're gone and go get myself a new pair!)

Heading for the fountain to throw in a penny and make a wish. We're wishing for more sunshine and summery weather!

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  1. Sawyer has a cheeky little face in that group one doesn't he! The look of pure innocence even though he is attacking his brother! Hee hee


  2. How adorable!! So glad you stopped by my blog! Happy summer!! xoxo


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