Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

A bike ride to the market for fresh fruit and bread, a ride back home to prepare a snack and a pitcher of iced tea, and then a day spent relaxing on this porch, reading and dozing and soaking up the sun. Sounds good, doesn't it?

image via here


  1. I love this porch! The red bike looks pretty good too ;-) x

  2. The reading and dozing sound good to me!

  3. Just realised that is another one of those gorgeous rocking Lloyd Loom chairs - love it in red as much as in yellow.

    Loved the bright colours in this picture.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. It sounds perfect! Golly, I love Saturday mornings with you.

  5. Devine....but I guess that's what it is ...a daydream. For most of us I fear!

  6. Sound good? no my friend sounds heavenly, I hope you could were able to do that today!
    I sort of did - read alot and drank tea and tehn ended the day with a 3 hour horse back ride - it was wonderful - I will write you about it! Have a great rest of the weekend! Love ya Kelly


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