Thursday, May 06, 2010

Three (or more) beautiful things on Thursday

unrelated happy photo via j'adore

My Thursday morning, recess-break, 3BT:

1. Got up (and was ready to go) early enough this morning to have time to sit with Dylan and read two chapters of his Dinosaur Cove chapter book before we left. It's amazing how quickly he can get his coat and shoes on when he wants to!
2. I am a cool, calm and independent woman, one who can pull over to a gas-station, pop the hood and deal with an overheated engine on her way to work. Not happy about it. But I can do it.
3. Last night's homemade soup for lunch today. Chicken, lots of veg and barley. Yum! And to go with it? Salad and avocado. Deeeelicious.
And a few more, for fun...
  • am wearing capris and sandals (pretending it's summer)
  • the sun is shining
  • I have a meeting this afternoon so my Thursday workload has been halved
  • Just got an email that Alan's passport application was received in Washington... now let's keep our fingers crossed that a new passport will soon be winging its way back to him
  • my friend Katie's coming for tea after school (I think I'll pick up some biscotti)
  • I'm definitely going for a run once the boys are in bed this evening
  • The Office is on tonight and it always makes me laugh

What about you? What are your 3BT today? I'd love to hear.


  1. Three BT for today:
    1.It is nearly Friday - yeah!
    2.Outnumbered is on TV tonight
    3. Just 12 more sleeps!

    Fantastic news about Alan's passport - fly back soon little parcel!

  2. love this post! I should do 3BT!

    I love your No. 2. I would so not know how to handle an overheated engine! I am so bad when it comes to car stuff...

    and your lunch sounds delicious. save some for me next time! :)

    my 3BT? (kind of what I posted about...)
    1. a stress free afternoon after a stressful (and early! 5 am!) morning...
    2. perfectly cooked fried eggs (runny yolk!) on top of sourdough toast for lunch. yum yum.
    3. getting out into the sunshine and taking Hazel to the dog park...

  3. Sounds like a great list. And that you can keep a cool head.

    Hmm for me
    1. Yummy food (be eating lunch soon)
    2. I'll be watching Glee too
    3. Relaxing and reading


  4. your 3BT's always make me happy! :)

    salad and avocado--- my oh my it's been WAY TOO long since i've had some! must fix this quick.

    HURRAY for A's passport-- i just hope that it gets to you both soon!

    1. funny texts from my family back home
    2. sweetness from a dearest friend i used to work with and "just because"-- isn't that the best reason to do anything?
    3. CHEESY POTATOES! yuuum

    and making myself work out this morning.

    i have been feeling INCREDIBLY blessed lately and am so thankful! something else i'm thankful for? remember to thank God for it all! :)



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