Friday, May 07, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

It's Friday morning, my head is pounding (again) and I've had just about enough of this day already! Oh dear. It's been quite a morning, with tantrums and tears and a mad dash downtown and back again before preschool. Have not gotten off to the greatest start. So, Sawyer and I are going to head for Starbucks to meet our friend Sheila (whose son is currently at preschool with Dylan). Perhaps after I've had a cup of tea and a chance to just sit for a bit, I'll be feeling more cheerful. Let's hope so... because this is no way to begin the weekend.

I'll be back later with Fill in the Blanks. J'adore this week's theme! Can you guess what it is?
E xo


  1. Oh no you poor thing Erin -that is no way to end a week! (Big hugs)

    Hopefully a big cup of tea and maybe something sugary (go on treat yourself - it will help) and I will keep my fingers crossed for the rest of your day.

    Hope to catch up maybe later dear friend. xx

  2. Flowers and a delicious drink to start the day? You spoil me.

    You have so much going on! Hope things have calmed down a bit and you're enjoying your weekend!


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