Sunday, May 30, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane?

Last week we went on a fantastic field trip with Dylan's preschool class, to the airport. One of the dads is a pilot, so he took us on a tour of the hangar where the private jets are parked in between flights to exotic locales. The boys thought we were going to England, and were a bit disappointed to discover we were just going to sit in the planes, and not actually fly anywhere (never mind that Alan was at work, and would have been left behind!) As it turned out, despite this early setback, they had a great time. Take a look.

Future pilot?

Boarding call.

At the controls! How cool is that?

These planes were fancy, with posh leather seats.

And plenty of legroom!

Don't we look good on "our" private jet?

Dylan takes the controls again. I think he's starting to get the hang of this. Could he be a pilot in the making? Only time will tell...

We're still waiting on Alan's passport, but when it arrives, we'll be booking some actual flights, with an actual pilot flying us where we want to go. London, here we come! Watch this space for travel updates...


  1. Those are such great photos. It would be sweet if he does end up being a pilot :)

    It's exciting that you will be booking flights for London soon!

  2. Great pictures, I wish I had the much leg space when flying:)

  3. Great photos! How I wish I was independently wealthy & could have a private jet of my own... those trans-Atlantic flights would be so much more comfortable on roomy leather seats. Le sigh.

  4. What a fun field trip. I want to go visit a private jet, too!

  5. Okay, seriously, how cool of a field trip is that?! Great pics too!

    I read Water For Elephants right after I had my son and couldn't put it down either. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And now that cutie Robert Pattinson is going to star in the movie!


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