Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 3 {blooms and blue sky}

It was another cold, grey, drizzly day today. Still searching for summer, to no avail. But just now, after tucking the boys into bed and coming downstairs, I glanced out the window and watched as the sun burst through the clouds. I dashed outside to soak it up while it lasted. Here's a little bit of what I saw.

Tall pink flowers and lush green grass.

Huge peonies.

Look! Blue sky! Hallelujah!

My lily white feet, chilly on the fresh-cut grass. But check it out! That's sunshine on my foot right there. Now that feels good. Just think how happy I'll be if it lasts right through tomorrow... Wish us luck with that, won't you?

Hope your Saturday was marvellous. Did you do anything fun? We went to a crazy, noisy, fantastically busy birthday party with pretty much the entire preschool, did some grocery shopping, and stayed indoors by the fire. Now, Alan and I are just about to sit down with some hot drinks to watch Doctor Who (here's hoping Amy Pond makes it back up above the surface before the Solarians get here!) I think this calls for popcorn. 'nighty-night!


  1. I hope your search for summer is going well. Seeing sunshine after gloomy weather is always lovely.

    I worked half this weekend but am relaxing today :) Having a hot chocolate while I browse some blogs. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful.

  2. what a beautiful peony. ...ah yes, summer.
    : )


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